Yesterday met up with the guys from uni. We bought a card and stuff and wrote in it. Still unbelievable, hasn’t sunk in yet.

Today I visited my grandma, I stayed there for *ages*… was good though. Then laters my cousins and aunt came along (shows how long I was there for!), and had a d & m convo with my aunt, which was interesting, though at times erm hmm…

Mmm ultimate weirdness… today I get home (maybe 30 minutes ago or something), turn my comp on, and start checking up on my regular sites I read (news sites, blogs, etc) and a MSN window pops up…. okay so there isn’t any weirdness in a MSN convo, but eh the rest of the story is… but I won’t print/type/publish here. STRANGE is all I can say… mm I want one of those Emily The STRANGE tops… I like black tops… black and brown is a nice colour (not together mixed at once, but distinctly).

Ahhh I have to run my photos from NYE back to my comp before tomorrow night… going to the thingo of the Sydney Festival at Homebush. Only on for 3 days this show, busy last night, and got RBF tonight (plus Sal is busy) so tomorrow are free… which means can’t go to Swansea ‘cos won’t get back in time and will be buggered.

Reel Big Fish is on tonight!!! Woot… they so better play Take On Me and The Setup Up (You Need This)… and Area-7… double WOOT! They better play hmm.. Second Class Citizen. I should probably get a few hours sleep before I leave, but eh stuff that… I won’t be tired…lol yah…

Anyways time to go, will keep you’s informed on the concert tonight and my snorkeling and *possibly* fishing tomorrow. Rock On…… ahh so hypo concernt, RBF, Area-7.. skank happy – http://ska.about.com/library/1999/aa092899.htm – I can hear the muuusssiccc already

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