The weekend…

Well this weekend was part spent hanging out with Snoopy Napier ( :-p ) and the other half (i.e. Sunday) wondering why the weather is so hot, and hoping Tuesday is not like today.

So anyways, on Sat Snoopy and myself headed out to hunt me down a new pair of soccer/football boots. And I’ve got to mention how I really like the fact I can fit into kids shoes. It’s pretty awesome ‘cos it means you can save an absurd amount on sports related shoes when compared to the female equivalent. E.g. a pair of boots which were the exact same style (though different colour) were a 50% price difference!

The sports routine…

So apparently if OzTag works out, my sport schedule will be a somewhat nutty first 2 days of the week…

  • Monday – Indoor soccer during lunch, then in the evening OzTag
  • Tuesday – Touch Football during lunch

I think by Wednesday I will be slightly exhausted… oh well good fun all round and it’s exercise. And since the weather’s warming up it’ll be all nice too.

A weekend in the nation’s capital and an alpaca in a tiny red car?!?

So this weekend was spent down in Canberra visiting/hanging with Em. Headed down Friday night after work on the bus. Some things I should remember for the future… when your friend tells you to bring a ‘warm jacket’, follow their advice and do so. Somehow the jumper I brought quite didn’t cut it, and it was rather cold in the capital. By cold, I mean borderline freezing, at least at night anyway. Thanks for lending me the much warmer jumper!

So the next day we went out and did touristy stuff. I’m pretty sure I’ve only been to Canberra once in my life, and it was when I was like 8 or 9, so I don’t really know what we did then (if we did much?). Went to the National Museum of Australia then on to Floriade. After then we walked over to Parliament House and did a little tour of that. Once we were done there (or rather it was closing), we trudged back to the car then drove around the embassies (it’s actually got a tourist drive number attached). Soon after that saw us doing happy laps around State and Capital Circuit trying to get out of the circle. You’d think driving out of a circle is easy until you realise that the circle isn’t a complete circle and has loops which force you off it. Oh that and the map being large scale throws one off in the prediction of how far away a turn/exit is.

Today involved a brief walking expedition in the morning, before getting dropped of the bus station and making the journey back home.

As for the alpaca in the tiny red car, when we were leaving where we parked the car for Floriade, a red car with an alpaca’s head sticking out the window was spotted. Which at the time was complete hilarity (and even the driver of the red car knew so too). So stuck in a traffic jam to exit the car park, numerous people jumped out of their cars and jogged down the carpark to snap a photo of the alpaca. And so did I…



So I’ve come to the conclusion that toothpaste does matter. Not in the sense of ‘oh that’s gross he/she doesn’t use toothpaste’ as everyone I know is a user of toothpaste, but more in a sense of taste does matter. Well in the world of toothpaste anyway. See upon finding out our household was in a critical shortage of toothpaste (i.e. waking to brush teeth and finding out there are no new tubes in the house) a mission was made to the shops (after I had yes brushed said teeth with some toothpaste).. to buy toothpaste. So purchase made I go home only hours later when my mum comes home to find out she had bought toothpaste too. In our shock horror that we had no toothpaste in the first place, we both acquired twin packs of toothpaste. You know it’s one of those items, that you really can’t be bothered buying all the time, so you kind of stock up on it… (or not?).

Jump forward another few hours and it’s time to do the nightly brush. So out comes the toothpaste and I proceed to do the teeth cleaning ritual. Except a few seconds in I decide that I don’t like the toothpaste because it doesn’t taste ‘good’. You know that minty fresh feeling that you have after you brush your teeth that lets you know that it’s actually somewhat clean? Well the toothpaste I’d purchased lacked that fresh feeling. More like the slightest mint taste that completely disappeared after the foam that results is washed away. And why am I sad at this discovery? The fact that both my mum and myself bought the exact same toothpaste type/flavour. So not only do I have to endure the current tube of toothpaste, there is another 3 to go. Note to self, do not buy said toothpaste again. A different more minty variation of the same brand would be nicer for my palate. Not that I actually eat the toothpaste or anything.

Snow Patrol take 3

So last night I went to my third Snow Patrol concert in a little over 13 months… when I’d heard they were touring again I was a little bit hesitant about going the third time, but when Em said she was going/wanted to go, I was like decision made, I’m seeing them. And am I glad I went or what… best gig out of the 3 by far. In fact I rate the 2nd gig (the Hordern one) lowest on the list. But yeah so awesome, I can live with probably never hearing them play anything from Songs for Polar Bears and When It’s All Over We Still Have To Clear Up.

dsc00592.JPG dsc00602.JPG dsc00603.JPG

dsc00606.JPG  dsc00615.JPG

Sickness sucks

So my brother being super sick last week should have been foretelling in how I were to spend this week. Saturday is me ‘hmmm I think I might be getting sick but it could be my imagination…’. Lets skip to Tuesday and I stayed at home today ‘cos I was feeling slightly worse for wear, plus in the interest of public safety and what not it was probably better for me to stay at home. But it didn’t make me feel any better if not slightly worse… and it kind of sucks that I can’t taste anything I eat.

More nerd related posts…

Well so far not too bad. I’ve managed to get JDK, Apache, Tomcat and Eclipse up and running which is all I really need these days. Well that plus email and a web browser (which come default)… now if I can get my iPod to work properly, media files to play properly and tv-out to work I might just really give it a go on my real machine…

Of course me converting my real machine might not necessarily be a good thing… particularly when the word ‘tree’ is associated with it.

Still I will admit I am a *little* bit impressed. It was a lot easier this time round (though my last venture into the world was about 6 years ago). It is somewhat pleasing to see that everything is auto mounted these days… ‘cos let me say that it was a pain to have to mount a floppy drive let alone having to mount the cd-rom to read a disc.