Well I went driving today. I’m still bad but I think I’m alot better than the last time I tried. At least this time I didn’t stall on the first start. Though my dad thinks I’m still shocking and not any better, but that just dad being dad. I still got problems coordinating feet with release clutch press accelerator thing. Eh looks like I’ll have to practice alot more. Other than that today I’ve gone for a walk, gone out for lunch, burnt and packaged CDs, been to the post office and now bumming at home. I’m not doing anything this New Years. Sort of can’t be bothered, as if I did, I’d just go to the city, which is the same I’ve done every other year… and well I’m just can’t be bothered this year. Hmm I must sound boring. Actually we have this dinner to go to tonight, and I didn’t want to go, rather wanted to stay at home, but now I’ve decided to go. Mum was getting shitty at me cos I didn’t want to go. But my grandma will be there (I think), and my aunt who’s going back to America in the next couple of days or so. Just gonna bring stuff to amuse myself with… MD, digital camera and a nice big fat book. I wonder if I can bring my pillows and blanket too? (only kidding).


Hmm I’ve been posting more than once a day recently. I really should set the code up, so that posts are under a day heading with the time for each sub post (if that made any sense). I’ve gotten into my exercise routine. Saturday and Sunday I walked/jogged and today I rode my bike. I’ve decided though I’ll alternate between walking/jogging and bike riding, so tomorrow morning is walking/jogging day. Speaking of which I’ve got to clean my proper running shoes… I think they’re collecting dust somewhere… will have to give them a good hose and scrub then leave them in the sun, so it better not rain tomorrow. Tomorrow however, is when I’m going to start driving again. I shoudl apply my determination to my driving attempts as well. If I’ve been able to tell myself to study/work hard all year, and get up early to exercise because I really want to, then seeing as I really do want my licence, I should make an effort there too rather then procrastinating over when I’m going to get around to learning. Hmm that was one long winded sentence. But yeah thats for now…


I woke up at 4am today to go out to The Gap at Watson’s Bay to take pictures of the sun rising. Got back around 6:40am. I’m running the pictures back to my computer right now. It was pretty, peaceful and tranquil that early in the morning. There’s no sound, no traffic, just fresh air. I’m contemplating whether going for my exercise walk/jog this morning, but I think I might go this afternoon instead, as I’m dressed in jeans right now, and can’t be bothered changing. Ahh my photos have finished copying, so I shall get going so I can check them out. Bye


If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go??? and would you miss me when you get there? There’s no place that I would rather be. Please don’t let me go falling from the sky. This fasten seat belt sign just needs to go out…


I’m in a cleaning frenzy. I’d cleaned about a week or so ago, but yesterday I decided to do a proper clean… a Windex every surface type of clean. Now my room is looking cleaner, but I still have quite a bit to do. In the process I’ve cleared out so much stuff I actually had like 4 drawers empty(2 big, 2 small). But I guess that was to happen, as I had Year 9/10 stuff sitting in them, so now I can clear it out. I put all my Year 12 stuff which might be of use into boxes and put them into my cupboard.
I wish I had a bigger room though, cos even with it all nice and clean, I still don’t have a table. I thought about rearranging my room, so I could use the top of a shelf thing as a table, but it won’t worl
cos then my bookcase will be covering powerpoints on the left side of the room. And moving my computer table around is out of the question, as my the modem cable to the outlet isn’t long enough. I don’t know maybe I will work something out. Hmm tomorrow can be clean the computer area. I don’t particualr like cleaning the computer as I have like more than 20 cables lying round the back. I have like 4 network cables, a modem cable, power plugs (modem, router, systems box, monitor, printer, scanner, speakers), 3 x USB cables (for my mouse, printer and tablet), parallel cable (scanner), speaker plugs/cables, 2 powerboards + their respective cables, keyboard cord… um yeah I think you get the idea.


I went shopping today in the city. Well there isn’t exactly much else to do on a public holiday. The dumb thing was that I had a $50 voucher, but i only realised half way there that I’d left in next to my computer. I just bought some clothes… um 2 t-shirts, a jacket/jumper and a pair of jeans. I wasn’t meant to get jeans, but no where seems to sell normal pants… well there are normal pants out there but not the type I’m looking for.

Is it a natural occurance to worry about what other people think about what you write in your blog? Some people don’t care, and others like me sometimes do wonder. But then why do I write here in the first place, if sometimes I do wonder. I don’t know, but its something to do and thoughts and feelings are easier to write down then say out aloud. Maybe people do read this regularly, no-one’s ever told me so, and I don’t think I want anyone to tell me so. I think I’m scared of the truth… I bet they all think I’m weird, this crazy geek sitting in front of a screen, but it comes as no surprise to me. Sometimes I wonder how I landed up a computer geek (I don’t say that too negatively… computer geeks/freaks are cool… we’re one big clan)… I think it stemmed from my younger years, back when I was a little kid.. I guess with two working parents I took to the computer to entertain myself. It was something different, something new, something that challenged me. Am I glad of that? In the majority of aspects, yeah I am, but sometimes don’t you ever wonder how life would have turned out if things were different. Like if we were more of a ‘family’ you know did ‘family’ things when we were little. Sometimes I do wish that we did stuff like that back in those days. I think I’d be a different person.


Christmas Day and I’m sitting in front of my computer… does that say anything about me?
Well now I’m deciding between Lego and a laptop… I’m really thrown on what to get. Both are educationally inclined in a way. Lego for creativity and programming aspects, a a lappy well because my education/future is going to be based around computers. A lappy would be cool, but I’m wondering how much I’d need to contribute to the ‘laptop fund’… (in my words). I think if/when I get one the budget is around $3, 700 – $3, 800 at max. But you can get heaps good stuff for that money these days anyway. Looking at Compaq’s and Toshiba’s… I like how Toshiba has the SD slot and the three USB 2.0’s. But then again Lego is cool…. blah.. I don’t know. If I got a laptop I’d probably use it more than Lego, ‘cos it takes time to build cool robots and program them and all… I don’t know. Maybe I should get the laptop now… and get the Lego later down the track. But then again, I can keep on building new stuff with Lego and it will never seem the same… or depreceate as much either. On another though, if I get the laptop now, my parents are probably more willing to pay for more now than if I got it later in which case I’d have to pay almost half.


Sometimes don’t you just wish the ground would open up and swallow you down into the darkness of the Earth? Sometimes don’t you wish you could say what you really want to say? Sometimes do you wish that you weren’t here, but rather somewhere else, anywhere it doesn’t really matter? Sometimes I do.


Woot! I was reading the paper today and then later I checked out the Board Of Studies website, and I got on the Top Achievers Course list for Software Design and Development. I came like 7th in the state for SDD… but you have to give a place either side, as there were 11 people mentioned as the top 10, which means 2 people tied somewhere. Still I was pretty surprised…
Hmm so yeh what did I do to celebrate.. nothing much really. yesterday my dad had to go out, so my mum, brother and me just went out for dinner, and today we’re having a seafood dinner at home. Yum prawns, oysters, salad and bread…. Fark I just remembered I’m supposed to be working today.. well from home.. but I’ve just wasted like 2 hours! Shite…


I’m really hypo. Well not so much more, but I was on a high this morning. I did not think I wuld get that high. Sure Lazseeker spat me out a 98.20 according to if I sat last years HSC, but since it was last year’s I didn’t trust it… and also because it seemed that everyone seemed to be getting Band 5’s and Band 6’s. I was thinking more round 93 at most… so you can say I was more than rapt at what I got which is somewhere in the range of 93 to 98. Bu yeh, so my mummy said she’d buy my Lego (but I said I’d pay half)… and I get my daddy’s car…. now I just need to learn how to drive…. dammit.. I’m a bad driver. But yeh I am heaps happy… everything I put in this year has been worth it and it paid off.