One more down, two left to go. Been a few days since writing here last… well only four but still. Since last Friday I’ve had Maths and today Info Tech. Maths was pretty okay, I think I answered most okay. I made one really dumb mistake in question two and one in nine. Actually nine as a big mistake. I got the answer then looked at it, and went thats not possible, put a cross through it, then wrote ‘No idea’ and boxed it… grr. I integrated it right and all, and all I had to do was subtract! Actually the reason I thought it was wrong was because the question asked how far behind the car was from the jet (I think), and my car distance was greater than my jet, so I was like ‘how is that possible?!?’ Next time… just keep on working no matter what!
As for ITV today…. hmm I think the multiple answer question I changed I shouldn’t have. I changed it from the formatting and layout one, to the user defined formatting. Reason why, is that I always believed that style guides were in regards to formatting only, whereas it was templates that controlled layout and formatting, which may use styles. Other than that the paper was pretty good. I liked it.
Next up is Software Design and Development. Studying for it now actually, but just taking a short reflective break to type up my thoughts and relax my hand from the ‘pen grip’ that after a while starts to make your hand feel like it’s old and cramped.
Few more weeks and I can start my exercise regime. Bike ride in the morning will be cool, the clean morning air and the silence, well the sound of nature. Okay, so thats sounds so not me, but it’s nice in the morning to be outside because everything smells nice and clean and all you can hear is the birds, no traffic nothing. Sort of tranquil and peaceful in a way.
Hmm this weekend I’m taking a break before commencing study for Earth and Environmental. Well I’m going shoe shopping… for new skate/casual shoes… and formal shoes. I look forward to the former and not to the latter. My skatie shoes… are showing a bit of wear and tear…. soon theres going to be a massive hole in the area where your foot naturally bends when you walk. But I love those shoes… their nice and comfy… and I like my non matching shoe laces 🙂


I had my IPT exam yesterday. It was okay, but I think I didn’t ‘analyse’ in depth enough for the 6 mark questions. The paper was really weird in certain aspects, like it was fiarly simple and straight to the point, but some sections were a bit vague. Especially those 6 mark ones where we had to descibe and analyse the processes in relation to the system. I knew what points were applicable under those processes, but I didn’t list half of them because I did not feel they were applicable to the scenario.
But that poses the question…. was the scenario just there, and we were meant to churn out what was listed in the syllabus regardless, or were we only meant to write what was applicable to the scenario? And the ’emphasis’ on a particular process. For multimedia I had mega probs there. Well the system only had text and images so it obviously ruled out speakers. Which only left me with monitor and displaying requirements such as a web browser, video card and sufficent RAM. Who knows… it’s over now… I should be thinking about my other subjects. 3 down, 4 more to go.
I can play more of Brick now, I really like that song, but its hard to get some of the notes because they’re a whole octave apart! Makes it hard when your hands aren’t exactly that long…. streching your fingers to reach keys 8 notes apart sure hurts the muscles after a while. But still, I find it relaxing… Army is good too, but that songs practically all chords and I have great trouble reaching them… maybe after the HSC.. I don’t wanna give myself RSI right at this moment yet.. HeHeHe.. =)


I played the piano quite a bit yesterday… this time Brick. Ben Folds Five have good pieces which are emotive so they’re pretty good to play on piano. I studied a bit, but spent more time playing. It allows my brain to focus on something else. I knew that once exams started I’d be pretty wonked out after each exam, so I guess it was good I started studying ages ago. But today I really have to read my notes. IPT is up tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, whilst at the same time freaked. Who knows what will hold…


English in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I am not looking forward to it. Well I guess no one looks forward to exams. But on the contrary, once it’s finished, it’s finished which means I can forget it… till the results come out =)
I played some piano last might… I felt like doing it. It’s weird whenever I need to relax a bit when I have exams, I go and play the piano… I’m trying to play Army by Ben Folds Five. I can get the first bits… but their just chords so they weren’t that bad. I should go now and revise my quotes. We’ll soon be home and high – dry and home – I’ll hie you – dry an – high and home. Over my step over my dead body!, It’s the abscene of presence, nothing more, It’s just a man failing to reappear, I burst into the moon, sun and stars of who I really am. Being Fish Lamb. Perfectly. Always. Everyplace Me. We’ve have all these little fish. We go after the little guys, ruin them but we don’t bag the big fish, We divide these guys, but we multiply the fridge repairmen!


Cicadas aren’t that bad… the paper was actually okay except for Section 3. I did shocking there. For a start it sounds like an essay which halfway changes form when I realise it’s actually meant to be a feature article! And I only covered three texts. But at least ONE related material means that you have to have at least one only. Doing more obviously would help in the conveyance of information, but one is fine. That’s IMHO of course.
Everything’s been pretty surreal like it hasn’t hit yet. I have no idea how I’m going to remember the rest of these quotes. Apparently Fraud doesn’t give vision.


HSC starts tomorrow. First up is English. I think I’m gonna die. But then again, after that means no more change, no more Harwood no more enjambment. On a different note our plans have changed again. Now it’s Singapore on the cards. Not too sure about that either. It’s better than hicksville for a week I s’pose, but I’d rather catch a train across Australia, cos that would be heaps fun. Seriously…. like just looking at the vastness of nothingness would be cool. I should go back to study now……


What do you do when people want to go on holidays, but you don’t really want to go? Like as in you’d go if you have to, but you would really prefer to not. I don’t really want to go away after Christmas. After the exams and Noosa and all, I don’t think I want to go away again. Yeah it sounds weird, but it’s sort of how I feel. Anyway it would be weird…. seeing we haven’t done anything in years. A week in close proximity… I dunno….. maybe it will be good… but….. who knows…
Anyways I’m gonna get a drink then go to bed and read the IPT book. Gonna get some help with Maths again tomorrow…. only a few simple questions this time… except for maybe that Catholic question. Ooh.. and I need to go on a photocopy spree….. gotta get another photocopy card…… much more simpler than like scanning 20 pages!


Have you ever imagined being an ant? What would it be like to be that small? What is it like when a human foot comes stomping down into your path? Sounds like a dangerous life IMO.
At the mo, for some strange reason I like one of the OC Supertones songs…. but this one is a pretty religious one I must say. Yeah the Supertones are a religious kind of ska band, but their music is actually pretty good. More the stuff I’m into I think. Sorta upbeat good stuff. I should go to sleep now… but I need a cold drink first. I didn’t sleep much last night. I went to bed late-ish… and couldn’t sleep and woke up before 6 as I thought it was 7 something. Cordial……. orange cordial at 11.35pm! with ice…lots of ice….. ahh refreshing…….. damn i been doing too much Maths papers…


Had a class at school today. Got my English essays back. They were ok… just okay. I think I have a rough idea where I’ve got to do some work. In the areas I always knew I was shocking at 🙂
I’m tired. I think I’ve been waking up just a tad to early. Well 6-ish isn’t that early, but it takes its toll after a few days….hehe
Well times getting closer and closer and everything is almost over. Just the minor problem of the exams coming up. But the time eventually had to come. In a way I feel relieved…. and the other…. uneasy…. sort of a bit like fate hey? Where does the road take us next. Damn this is starting to sound like a Ros & Guil essay. What is the meaning and purpose in life? LOL that whole existentialistic view. That’s the biggest word I’ve learnt this year I think. Existentialistic. But I actually like that word, cos the whole philisophical view is so true. Of course, I take the darker pessimistic outlook. Well seriously…. what is the meaning and purpose in life? Is our life all planned from the start, do we really have any control? Just some interesting thoughts and questions. Which of course have no answer. Which brings me along to post modernism. If there is no right or wrong, then why is there still ‘incorrect views’? Hehe……