Well I’m back after a 22 hour travelling trip home. Actually considering we we’re bumming at the bus stops from 10:15am-ish on Thursday, I’ve been sitting for more than one day! One bus trip of about 2 hours and 45 minutes (after seeing no traffic lights for a week, the onslaught of traffic lights somehow coincided with traffic jams). Then about an hours break at the Transit Centre in Brisbane. Next followed a 2 hour bus ride out of Queensland into the NSW town of Murwillabah (spelling?!?) to meet the 9:50pm XPT train to Sydney. Had about an hours break between this bus and the train as after the train arrived they firstly had to clean it. Then came the 14 hour train trip back to Sydney! The train had way more leg room than the buses, which on first sight seemed relieving. But that soon came to realisation that it was going to be hard to sleep, as I’d found it easy to sleep on the bus because the space was nice and small. So the night drifted pass very slowly, with waking up every 30 minutes to an hour to re-arrange myself on the seat. People who had no other person in the other seat were lucky. They could pull up the armrest and sleep normally lengthways. Actually they did have people in the other seat, they were juts lucky the people got of real early like at Grafton at 3am in the morning (or some strange time like that).
So how was Noosa? It was okay/good, but I’m quite glad to be home (my stress rash started appearing again for some strange reason). I need traffic lights and chaos in my life. And also because round when we left (left Sydney for Noosa that is), things were just starting to work out and everything which I’d dropped for a year was all moving back into their previous places which was real good. So later tonight I need to make a few calls… I think I’m gonna be out of mobile credit though. I don’t make my mobile calls on the home phone because they cost more than locals, and I don’t think my parents should have to pay for them… eh but thats just me… some would say thats weird, but most parents have financial problems from home loans to bills to fees, so where possible I try pay most of my stuff… except sometimes I become occasiaonlly broke. Suprisingly enough though, I managed to survive my holiday and still have money in my bank account, so that is pretty good. Quite relieved indeed, as I haven’t worked for about 6 weeks now. Anyways I gotta go, I still haven’t tidied up my room… actualyl I’m quite suprised my mum didn’t clean it whilst I was gone, but then again I asked if she didn’t and theres lots of stuff I’ve got on my shelves which I want to keep and lots of other stuff which I don’t want to keep. So I guess I better get started…


Formal was on last night, and I didn’t go to sleep till 10.30 am! Well I came back 8-ish, and by that stage was feeling very sick (well I think everyone was). It took like 20 minutes to get all the bobby pins out of my hair! It still feels yuck from all the hair spray stuff. Then had a shower, packed some stuff, then watched some tv before deciding it was good to go to bed. To check out formal picks go here. Also go here too. Anyways gotta run… I’m going to Noosa tomorrow. Be back next Friday, but may not be on for a while, as I have lots of phone calls to make. Things are working out just nicely – for the time being that is.


I’m tired and it’s my formal tonight. I wonder if I’ll fall asleep at the table? That would be a first.
The night will probably be interesting. Being a girls school, i’m *sure* there will be a lot of gossip going on, you know the ‘look at her dress it looks so.’ to the ‘omg who is that person…’ I’m having lots of trouble fitting all my stuff into my bag. I don’t know how people do it. I only just fit my phone + money thingo… I’m still contemplating whether or not to wear my glasses. I would prefer to bring them rather than have to choose between wearing them or not, but the thing is, they just don’t fit in my bag. I have to go now… got stuff to do… blah…. photos will come soon.


It’s 6.13am and I can’t sleep. Woke up just a bit after 5.30am. Got some stuff on my mind, just been thinking about it. Sometimes people think that their life is really in the shits just because they can’t go to some lame party, but people should spare a thought for people who’s lives are really stuffed. Spare a thought for people who’ve been recently affected by all the disasters going on, amongst other stuff. I guess we’re all susceptible to such thinking every now and then, but sometimes and only sometimes does it really bug me how some people act when they get a ‘no’ or a ‘you have to be back/we’ll pick you up at 3am thing’. Now excuse me if I’m wrong 3am in the morning for a school night is pretty lenient if you ask me. Even if you keep distant relationships from your parents, or don’t agree on things very often, it is WRONG to curse and swear about them infront of 6 mates and another person’s mum, just remember how you came to be where you are in existance. If you actually give people some respect you *do* get respect back. hings take effort on both parties. No names here (don’t believe on that), but maybe one day people will grow/wake up and realise that there are bigger problems affecting the world, than one night’s outing. Maybe I’m just a pessimist in a way or overly cynical, but as much as you agree to disagree with your parents, watch what you say, one day you may find yourself in shit, and the only people who will definatley come to your rescue (if needed) will be your parents. And unless you decided to adopt a new family at this stage in life (which is highly unlikely at this stage) live with what you’ve got and learn to pay just a *little* bit of respect from time to time. I guess it’s all in life’s experiences, and we are supposed to learn from them. So maybe one day in the not to distant future, we’ll all reflect back and we’ll grow wiser as a person. Maybe, just maybe…


Woo hoo! Last exam today, no more HSC! So what am I up to now? Web designing… mucking about, nah checking out some JavaScript actually. Anyways should get going, this can be a very short entry, I am somewhat not in the mood for much tonight.


Hmm taking a semi lunch break now. Finished summarising Environments Through Time and am now about a quarter way through Caring For The Country.
Well today soon after I hopped onto my computer, which was reasonably late for a change, I got an email from UTS saying that I’ve passed the first stage of the selection process and I’m now invited to the interview stage. So, that’s pretty ace, because I’ve had this specific course in mind for let’s say, a very long time. Hehe, now I have to go shopping for clothes for this and the other interview =)
Well I think I’m going to go get a drink of cordial now, and settle into this chair for an afternoon of further summarising Earth and Environmental Science… Ph, passing thought, next thing I need to save money up for after schoolies, is a new hard drive. The current one works fine, but I don’t like the idea of linux on a partion on this HDD and would much rather prefer it have it’s own drive, so going to have to save my $ for a few months.


Overview of yesterday… Caught up with some CCSS-ers and Java-ers, went and saw a movie, watched this crazy street performer who was heaps funny in a weird kind of way, played some pool, bummed in Darling Harbour sitting in the middle of the water thingo on those bricks for like 30 minutes.. tourists though we were crazy sitting in the middle of the water thing. Went and had McFlurry’s even though we originally said to go for a drink as in like Gloria Jeans/Starbucks… then parted ways back home.
Today spent a good part of the day writing brief summaries on points in the EES syllabus. I’m actually pretty satisfied with the progress I’ve made today, so I took a break about an hour ago, and have been working on my Photo Site since. The Photo Site is just a website with pics and stuff. Some of the photos are ones I’ve taken myself, but a significant other have been taken by friends and other people, so huge thanks to ppls whose photos I’ve used…. they know who they are =).
Anyways better get running (or is that clicking?) Laters…


Well I was reading Icon today (we get it Friday ‘cos we get delivery), and there was this article about weblogs, otherwise known as blogs (what this thing is really). Yeah it’s sorta cool how you can just write whatever you think, and not have to worry ‘cos you never meet the people who read it… (well in my head thats so) but like the article says, anything written in a blog could be used against you say in a court case. Guess I’ll have to watch what I say. Nah.. I wouldn’t slag anyone in a Blog anyway, it’s just wrong/unethical/slack. Defamation via website is a pretty low thing anyway, because your like telling the whole world. Keep things to yourselves or reality in that aspect, don’t publish and be damned! (Oops that last bit isn’t my own words. Credit to the Good Weekend article in some August edition of the same name. This is what English does to you.. LOL)
Well I said this weekend I wouldn’t go out at all. So much for that, I’m going to the movies this Sunday. So much for studying the whole day this whole week, more like half a day each day. Still it’s better than nothing. And I have got pretty far through the book. Just finish the next chapter by Monday morning, then writing summaries of the points I’m not too confident about. Even though I’m like 99.99999% repeater sure that EES won’t count for me, you never know what fate/luck holds, so I’m going to try my best. I think I could’ve done better at EES if I tried more. Actually if I didn’t do computing I’d probably would’ve done all science subjects. If I could combine both togther (and were slightly more intelligent) I think I’d have heaps of fun with sci and comp. I reckon it’d be cool to do stuff related to nanotechnology and biometrics. Well the whole concept of both is pretty amazing IMHO. Gotta run and read/sleep usual so called study regime…. When this is over… sleep, go out, sleep, go out… nah we’ll see what the future holds…


A week and three days till my last exam, if I calculated correctly. Well after SDD, I took a break on the weekend went shopping, formatted my comp and organised it all neatly. Been waiting to do that for a year, formatting the comp that is. So now it’s all up and swish and clean. Well I should be studying for science right now, I’ve read Tectonic Impacts so far and am about a quarter way through Environments Through Time. I need to focus on Environments Through Time I Think, because the chapter seems pretty large and complex. So yeah, I s’pose I should get going and go back to reading.