Oh something I just remembered… I got freakin 8/10 for my DCA speech. I was very surprised… you could say shocked!!! In fact outta the whole class the highest marks received were in the 8 range (there were a few – around 3), so yeah very surprised. And I was kinda freaked for that when I did it, because it was a biggish class of just over 30 people, whereas in high school my classes only ever had between 5 – 10-ish (well the classes I talked in anyway). So yep… thats my major news……… Back to ICS now… f***kit really I’m just gonna proof read it and thats it…. blah some ppls………. GRRRRR.. that’s why I sometimes wished I didn’t go to uni but was working. In real world work, you of course have the same kind of environment, where some people are hard working, and others arfe the bludgey type. But in the real workforce you’re not working towards the damn grade that you graduate with. And yes in the end it is a piece of cardboard but thats not the point for me. It’s about whether I’ve achieved my true potential… and I know this semester I haven’t for all mu subjects. In particular ICS, which if you read my previous post I actually quite like. Funny shit is its helped me understand a few things better. Stuff I couldn’t understand last year. Well I didn’t have the mentality then to be able to absorb the thousands of thoughts, feelings and emotions that were within me. And to some degree now I s’pose I can, ‘cos some things make somewhat more sense these days. There’s still occasional thoughts that have no answer, but that’s because they don’t. Just philosophical frameworks and theories. But reading’s not my style, so I’ll have to make do with what I’ve read, heard about so far.


Why can’t people fucken spell properly, write grammatical senses and read the damn assignment outline??? A presentation isn’t exactly a word for word rehash of a written report!!! Yes that expresses my shock surprise. Hell with it I say. Except that I like ICS, and feel it will be useful for my future. Not too many see it in that light, but it does provide alot of food for though. Plus if I ever do decide to go down the teaching path, it will definatley be more than useful. Plus the stuff about people being scared to break beyond their boundaries/comfort zones is something I semi understand. Maybe not in a complete 100% light, but I know what they mean by that. And yes I’m trying slowly to break out of my zone. Hell I even managed to hold a convo on the DET Helpdesk line regarding some worl (school) related stuff. I guess that’s one major step in my life… well not major but yeah you know what I mean. And now I better get back to editing this report and powerpoint…. fark… grr


Well DCA is out of the way now, so I can focus on my other assessments and the upcoming exams. Funny thing though is that Charlie decided to play up agian and chuck a hissy fit so now everyone has an extention till midday Tuesday. That’s like 5 whole extra days!!! But yeah I and a few others handed ours in anyway – plus our code will be looked at more lenently (or something like that) because we actually still managed to hand it in by the original due date. I hope I go reasonably well for it, because I actually quite liked the assessment/assignment task. Something I kind of felt at home with. Though the other day I realised using a vector would’ve been better! >.


I just spent some time briefly looking through my Programming folder on my hard drive. It mesmerises me with a nostlagic feeling. The surreal thing is that as I skim through the code I really can’t believe that I wrote it all myself. It makes me wonder if since starting uni I’ve become ‘dumber’ in a sense. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learnt all this new stuff at uni, but in high school I had somewhat freedom in exploring computers and technology in a much deeper sense than at uni. And that was probably partly because I had some damn brilliant/good teachers. So speaking of which yesterday I thought about maybe this summer trying to write/create some semi sized project for fun. Thinking of basing it upon what did at the CCSS in ’02. Except this time I’m going to have a backend database storing all the stuff, so that the database can be queried. And it’ll all be in java/jsp. Will be interesting if I ever get it off the ground.


I’ve been listening to Millencolin for most of the day. Listening to the Pennybridge Pioneers album… I forgot I had it… It is good. Reminds me of good times.

As for uni, I was getting stressed (rather overloaded) with assignments towards the end of the week (partly ‘cos I’m doing an optional assignment), but I think all is okay now, as I’ve had a major breakthrough with one of them and the other is fixing up bits of code.

Anyways yesterday was Friday so it was head of to school for work day. Was pretty cool, spent a good part of the day drilling through tables and unpacking/setting up computers. Finished work later than I expected but was cool nonetheless. Funny thing now I reckon is I have meaningful conversations with people at work, which is kinda interesting in a way, as its something i guess I don’t mind, but its not something I really do much with people of my own age group… (the whole different perspectives/aims/goals in life thing/situation).

Anyways am going to Big Day Out this year with Sal, so will be mad. And now me better get back to DCA. Damn having to work out whether a date is valid or not… to many factors!


Well Livid was on yesterday and The Living End sure did ROCK ON!!! They were heaps mad/brilliant and they sound just as good live. One of the few bands I’d actually say that sound the same on CD. When they do their tour late Dec or maybe early Jan I’m definatley going to see them again. They can play their instruments damn good too, with Scotty doing his trademark playing whilst standing on his double bass, and man Chris must have magic fingers or something ‘cos he sure as hell can work that guitar! And the new drummer Andy was ace too… They played all their ace songs Prisoner of Society, Save the Day, All Torn Down, West End Riot, Second Solution, Roll On, Pictures In The Mirror, Who’s Gonna Save Us and more (there all I can remember for the time being). Bought a TLE shirt as well…. its black with the album art for Modern ARTillery on it. Gonna buy that album tomorrow =) Woot!

Other than that today been procrastinating over uni work that needs to be done… anyway better get some work in before I go to sleep. Laters