Here is the latest incarnation. A bright white with shades of teal, light blue and light gray. Hopefully it’s pleasing to the eye. Oh yeah I’m now accessible from www.delineneo.com.
In other news… OOD sucked… majorly. I have a bad feeling about it that I will need to sit the supplementry. It’s not so much I didn’t know my stuff, but more the questions were ambigious and hard to decipher what was actually being asked.
Anyway that aside I should start preparing for ICS now. Laters…


I just bought a domain name – delineneo.com……… decided to do it now, because my attention span was beginning to lapse again. Also more work upcoming at school… will be cool. And I can (have got) friend(s) to work as well so that will be pretty cool. But now I better really get back to OOD before I’m dead tomorrow in the exam. Laters.


I went on a bike ride this morning… quite suprised that I actually woke up. It’s more refreshing in the morning than in the afternoon though, I must say. Yeah kind of starting an exercise routine… bike ride, a few stomach crunches and some squats. And some dumb bells for the arms. Time to get fit… and toned… hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up, this time not just for the holidays, but for at least half of next year as well…. or make it my mission to exercise at least once a week.
Well I’m going in to uni today for a few hours maybe… haven’t been that productive at home with OOD (which is a suprise), so I might get more done there with uni buddies… which is weird, ‘cos I have always studied by myself. Like last year when we had class study/revision session before the hsc, I just sat there and did crap all…. ‘cos I get distracted easily when I’m not alone and focused.
Oh Sal comes back next week some time… yay… but she’s working most days…. still it’ll be cool to catch up…


The other day (or rather on the weekend, so really a delayed post) I bought the newish (well a few month old) Muse album, Absolution…. Is interesting… there older stuff was more rockish, but this is interesting…. a bit darker though… but I like the instrumental parts mostly… piano parts are good. Anyway need to go back to OOD study. Laters…


Well one exam is down and just two more to go. On another note, the next few weeks/months may be a bit turbulent. Basically my grandmother’s been diagnosed with cancer (I don’t know the whole story just yet)… anyways the only option is to operate, but no decision is made yet. Either way it goes (surgery or not) it’s gonna be pretty tough, because of her age. Theres advantages and disadvantages to both sides…. guess will have to wait and see what happens next week back at the hospital. And I guess there is an end to everything, but…. yeah……


Well on the 18th of november, at least to me anyway, it will mark a whole year. It means a significant thing to me… the end of my first year of uni, a whole year since finishing year 12, plus a whole lotta other junk. What does one year on bring/mean? Even I’m not sure of that. Basically I’ve come to somewhat accept that the world is just one big thing, with endless avenues and possibilities. ICS has made some stuff make a lot more sense, as mentioned in posts before stuff I’d though about heaps during year 12. And I guess now, those thoughts, theories, ideas make a lot more sense to me, and mean more, as I can make sense of it now (or at least I do for the time being anyway).

What am I going to do with myself over the mega long holidays? I’ll start getting bored after a week or two… plus no work over hols so my $$$ will start to diminish…lol My fault there, as I didn’t look for a holiday job. Still maybe I’ll do some reading or something. I’m thinking of buying the Baghdad Blog book. I’d followed it here and there over the web, but never read all of Salam’s posts completely. Oh but then again I want to buy Time Crisis 3 – before the special pack thingo ends at least. Maybe after my last exam for that one.

Have to go for now, ‘cos I have an exam on Monday morning, so I should go study more for that. Till next time… laters