Mmm I’ve had a hiatus. Partly because I’m not in a mood to blog, and also ‘cos the FTP has been weird hence not seeing any updated posts. So this will be my last go before I head of tomorrow.Oh yeah short post Homebake review. ‘Twas good. Grinspoon were good and so were Missy Higgins and Machine Gun Fellatio…

Anyways I’m off see you all next year. Have a good Christmas and New Year. Maybe I’ll try and post or something from overseas. We’ll see. I have to get on the net at least once. Re-enrolments and everything…


Rode 50KM today. Cycle Sydney – North Sydney to Parramatta Park. Not too bad actually, don’t feel sore. Did it in round 2 hours and 40 minutes, though all together had about 30 min break to refill water bottles, eat a museli bar etc. Weather was pretty hot today, however only after Rydalmere it started getting overly hot. Parramatta was even hotter. Been a long day. Woke up at 5am, picked up at 5:45am to drive over to Westmead station (park vehicle). Then the train to North Sydney. Train was packed with bikes. Already at Parra station it was pretty full, and there was still lots of stops to North Syd. In the later stations people just ran on and had to hold their bikes vertical (one wheel in air) to get on. Kinda like sardines in a can, but with bikes instead. Then at North Syd station a short ride up the Miller Street to St Leonard’s Park. Stupid us waited in the line from the back to start, when we should’ve just joined from the side. So we started around 8:10am instead of earlier which would’ve been better. Actually kinda stupid when we were riding up from the train station we could’ve just joined there instead of riding up then back down later on. Harbour Bridge and through the city was pretty cruisy except the back of the Entertainment Centre where it was single file and pretty much chaos… think traffic (tour buses) behind you with stacks of cyclists. Anyways skipping the rest made in to Parra Park before 12 noon which was better than i expected (well for me and my varied exercise routine which occurs often randomly). Funny thing of today after Granville I think these girls got on the train and obviously they didn’t know why everyone had bikes. One of them was like ‘it’s bloody 7:00am on a Sunday morning and theres bikes!’ more in a negative tone, like wtf you guys are psyhco kinda tone. Though generally in theory people exercise in the morning whilst everyone else sleeps (on Sundays that is), so i thought it was kind of an inverted statement anyway.


This week has been a crazy week for me and all really. Well as from previous stuff this week was exam week. Anyways how my grandma was sick and got sicker over the last few weeks. Anyways she kind of passed away on Wednesday. It wasn’t a suprise or anything, which in a way was good as it made things easier as we were prepared. But it was a crazy week because of everything else combined. We had the funeral today because my brother was going away tomorrow, and we had to somehow slot it in between my and my cousins exams. We cbf filing for misadventure because its some lame burecratic process (well for me it is anyway, and I don’t want to get assessed). But yeah the last 2 days have been a mad rush to get things organised, exams to sit etc. Haven’t had a real meal in a few days – rockmelon and ice cream is good…


I have an exam in about an hour and a ten minutes but I am distracted. Partly because I know I don’t have to pass this exam, and I’m glad it will be one down. But also because I have some thoughts on my mind. What is your view regarding euthanasia? I never really thought about it much just heard the usual pro verses against debates regarding controversial inventions/views by Dr Phillip Nitschke (who is for euthanasia). Basically my life has a similar situation looming. It’s not euthanasia as such ‘cos it’s not exactly illegal or anything, but it bears resemebelences that provoke thought. Is it right to deprive one of stuff needed to survive if providing it will prolong ones life longer but not for the better as they actually get worse the longer they live? And how does one know it is the right decision to make if the person in question cannont answer it themselves.


Well I very almost side swiped a car whilst changing lanes in the pissing rain. My bad…. and sorry to the other driver. Though I did check my mirrors, blind….. argh rain + headlights do not mix. Absolutley pouring it was. Torrential at one stage.

Anyway went and sae Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason. Pretty damn good. Heaps heaps different from the book though. If def had more funny parts than the first, but there were some bits which were over the topish. Some classic moments. Lol watch if if you get the chance.


Well as for my previous post, have decided I probably won’t make the trek over to Manly. That’s like almost an hour each way anf for a approx 6 set show, I think I can wait till they tour again. Anyways going to the movies instead to watch Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason. ‘Twill be interestingly funny…

Other than the above, in the final exam studying phase at the moment. But not in the mood. Have been a bit out of it this semester. Less listening to music as well but rather working in silence which is different. And anyway life is a bit hectic recently, lots of stuff happening in life at the moment. Some good some bad. And just a lost of self thought and soul searching for answers. What is the missing link? I will go hunting/looking for it in 3 weeks hopefully… that compounds my recent state of mind amongst other things which are more of concern. Death is final… I guess we all know that. But when you know someone is fading away, and you see the sorid state that one is in as the days tick nearer and nearer it makes you wonder alot of things. What are your priorities in life? Do they really matter or mean anything in the scope of everything else. Possibly so and possibly not. Sometimes I do sit there hoping it ends soon. Is it cruel to think that, or is it crueler to know that they are suffering and have no hope either way. That’s one question on my mind.

The wispy motion of a shedded leaf upon an autumn afternoon is how I feel. Slightly melancholy. A dreary day overcast with clouds and rain. A sense of mystery around, not knowing what the next day will bring. And it applies to every front. Want to lie in a garden of grass staring at the sky. Thinking. Resting. Sleeping. Breathing. Silence. Alone. Peaceful. Calm.



DATE: Thursday 11 November
LOCATION: Manly Wharf
TIME: The Living End playing live from 3PM

Looks like I’ll have to go to Manly after SDP.. maybe if I can be bothered to go to Circular Quay then catch a ferry.


A volcano has started erupting in Iceland – read about it here.

Iceland lies directly ontop/between a mid ocean ridge, so yeah I guess tectonic activity is to be expected (wow I remembered something from high school science :-p). Still kinda cool seeing the ash explode out the top on TV.

Well SDP is *almost* over. the most stressful parts are, with the presentation today. Now just the acceptance review to go next week then we’re all free…well till exams anyway.

Argh I have an assignment due tomorrow 6pm… think I should go finish it now……