So I saw Super Size Me tonight, and it was pretty damn good. You have to keep an open mind though, about how accuracte (or unaccurate) it may be. A quick Google of the net reveals a person doing a similar thing, who has actually lost weight. Though the latter is making healthy choices, whereas Spurlock was following the choices many of us make, which I guess is possibly a more overall view of the population. Still nonetheless, if you haven’t seen it make sure you do. It’ll put you of fast food for a while!


Mmm I had a long day today… I left at like 7:20am and got home round 7:15pm… and it was freezing cold for most of the day today. I think RE is finally finished… the assignment side at least.. now for the exam… I really hope I pass the subject… as I am really not sure at the moment whether I will or not. Up till this semester I’ve had a pretty good understanding of what I was capable and comfortable about, but now everythings up in the air…

And I should really go now ‘cos I have *lots* of summarising to do and still 2 assignments to finish!


Gonna probably see Super Size Me this weekend maybe… lol it’s actually going to be showing in Aus. Will be interesting to see the effects that 30 days of Macca’s for all your meals has on your body… lol hmm maybe I shouldn’t have Macca’s for breakfast tomorrow???

At uni at the moment… working.. but it’d like the last or second last lab, and no one has really turned up… *wonders…* Oh today I got a lift to uni.. it only took like 15-20 minutes… as opposed to taking almost an hour on the stupid bus… not that you really wanted to know that…

Someone entertain me… lalalala


Wednesday mid week… this is the point where the week starts ending and starts feeling shit… or in this case dies down for a bit. Mmm I think I should be okay with DB now, realised it’s possible to do what i was thinking, but I’ll have to explicitly state it otherwise it might not be noticeable…

Hmm you know today I made more phone calls than I usually would make in a month (this was for work related stuff)… in case you hadn’t realised, I ain’t really a phone person… email, sms or some other means. The phone is so… I don’t know… you can actually hear the person… obviously… but yeah.

And my room is an fscking mess at the moment… not dirty as in gross unhygenic, but just messy and dusty around the table. I should, and wanna clean it but I think I’ll leave it till exams is over, another 3-4 weeks at the most… getting scared about exams. I know this will be the worst semester I’ve ever performed so far… :-S


The Baghdad Blogger, Salam Pax was on breakfast radio this morning. It was pretty interesting even though it was only for about 4 or 5 minutes. He speaks English very fluently, very good in fact. It was good to hear that he still had that witty quick sense of humour with his replies to questions and stuff. That was my interesting amusement for today I must say.

Otherwise it’s back to uni crap. Starting to get stressed…


Mmm today had uni ’twas okay… lots of work to do. Am amazed we actually went to see the subject coordinator during consultation hour. Still it was actually beneficial and I gained some more info into what is required, so it definatley wasn’t time wasted.

In other news I’m getting sick of uni I think… at least its holidays soon. Don’t like how everything is group work, as its a sucky assessor in certain aspects, though we all have to deal with it I suppose.

On the bright side, if I think of it in a twisted way I have 39 weeks of uni left in my degree… that’s like a bit short of 10 months if I calculate right. Can’t wait!


What’s your perception of uni? If your at uni think ‘why are you at uni?’… I’d like to hope that for most of you it’s because you have a geniuine interest in the degree you are doing, and want and wish to learn more about your chosen field of study. That’s at least what it is for me (most of the time). I try to put in my 110% effort in order to come out feeling and knowing that I’ve achieved something… knowing that I’ve pushed myself that little bit further and finding out more about myself and my potential at the same time. Unfortunatley for most others maybe this isn’t quite the case. And it’s moments and times like these that I really don’t know why the fsck I went to uni. I’m not going to leech my assignment code of someone else, or write some half flubbed words worthy of toliet paper… I’m going to give it my best shot. Otherwise I’ll never know what I’m capable of. And these days I don’t… sometimes I occasionally surprise myself and moments like that is great… but others I can be fscked. I feel that certain forces/happenings are stopping me from reaching further above. It’s times like these that I seriously consider changing my chosen path. I probably will, and I don’t really caee, my passion still lies where it is, it’s just that I don’t think a reality of working in it is one which will work. Yeah I guess you could say I have been considering recently a possible career change… certain aspects of uni have made me despise/dislike areas of IT… and changed my mind about how I feel about particular things…

Firstly I don’t think uni properly shapes you for the real world and or your chosen field etc whatever you want to call it. You can’t just set assignments ‘cos everyone copies, and whilst exams/tests are the supposed ways to tell the real difference they are not. Papers are often written with no consistency or clarity are ambigious and don’t adequatley test sometimes knowledge. It’s not about what you can pull out at a certain time by rote learning but what you understand in your mind and heart that matters. And what’s in your mind and heart is something that matters in everything else.

I’m really keen to finish my degree at the moment… if I change careers I’ll finished in about a year and a half, so lets see how things go…

Really I’m just confused and puzzled at the moment…