One of the things which stopped me was I wasn’t going to let myself be another statistic. It’s sad when you hear things like that, silent pauses, and maybe more so when you know you could have been (or even may in the future) be in a similar situation.


At uni waiting till 2 for meeting. Had OOP labs today, was lab exam week. Mmm stressful on both parts which I was surprised. This weekend possibly crazy. Need to get a new PSU for my other comp – it’s kind of died… 🙁 Ahh next weekend I have to drive out to Rosehill some schools expo thingo… gotta give some ppls a lift out there. Cools is something to do.

Sunday is mother’s day (I think?) should I buy anything? Have I ever bought anything??? I don’t really/actually remember. I gotta rememeber to visit grandma this weekend. Didn’t go last week. I thought id be able to go midweek once uni went back, but it hasn’t happened. My weeks are jam packed full pretty much.

Back home now… I saved my post as a draft so I could finish it later. I’ve had a craving for peanut butter as of yesterday… dunno why… don’t really eat it and haven’t eaten it in at least a year or more… weird!

I gotta question… I’m apparently getting super, but I didn’t even know it… how am I meant to know where it is going? lol, it’ll probably turn out to be money I forget I ever had stashed away. It’s with UniSuper apparently.