Well today was my work and uni day. Anyways I left work and caught the bus to uni, to be rung by my friends ‘cos they were going to Harry’s Pies, so I met up and we went to Harry’s to get some food. Anyways they were at uni all day fixing up our assignment for the next submission. I’ll proabbly be working on it Thursday.

Anyways we got back to uni, and I finally got round to checking my DSPP marks… 20/20 better than I expected. Was expecting around 18 or so being a noob and all. Then in the lecture I had a brain wave of how to cut the lines of code out of the second assignment, which coincidentially if I’ve thought it out properly will fix/address the little issue I’m having that is causing some sections of code to be what I would call ‘not nice’. Will give that a go on the weekend.

Anyways I have to go read my databases assignment now so I know wtf is going on… have work again tomorrow…