Mmm so in the last 2 days I’ve formatted my lappie, and its all nice, clean and patched. At least that’s one thing I’ve got around to so far. Other than that been working, eh all that lifting etc must’ve given me some extra muscles or something (plus make me super dooper tired).

Oh today because of that random bus strike I had to drive my mum to work at Para so had to wake up at some crazy time… I spent most of my morning driving! – or so it seemed. Whilst driving there were people waiting at bus stops and I had the urge to wind the window down and yell out ‘bus strike!’ but alas that is not something I would actually do…

But yeh nothing to great other than that. Tomorrow going to only work a half day, so after dropping Calvin, probably head to visit my grandma for a bit before going to work. Some stuff I need to finalise/get done before hols.


So today caught up with Sal and watched Touching The Void. I’d seen the previews numerous times but they didn’t make too much sense. The movie was actually pretty good. More like a doco style movie. But yeah it’s amazing what your mind and body will do when pushed to the absolute edge of no return.

What else happened today. Well was gonna visit grandma in the morning, but my dad rang me and I had to go unit sit for the tradesman but he never turned up!!! So looks like I will be unit sitting again Wednesday morning before work (school). And this time he better damn turn up ‘cos a) I ain’t waking up early for nothing and b) I finished reading my book so I’ll be sitting bored for who knows how long…

I think tonight will be ‘format’ night…


I am so full that it ain’t funny. Went to this restaurant at Cabarita, it was good, but yeh now awfully full. What’d we order hmm caesar salad, some prawn entree thingo, some calamari entree thingo, garlic bread, some pasta main, some chicken main, some lamb main, some fish main (some standing for some word I can’t remember – lol) and some desert. And we got like this plate of chocolate thingos… and yeh it was like *alot* of food.

In other news, last few days been pretty cruisy, got back into the hang of things… learnt some new stuff along the way. Mmm you know what? I’ve got a bad memory when it comes to numbers or stuff like numbers…


Oh forgot to write this the other day (yesterday???) but someone mentioned to me how they were out somewhere and they met someone who knows me? and the person said i was some wild/crazy/outgoing kinda person? or something along the lines… I think i missed something, or I don’t know the person… something about meeting them in a nightclub or bar or something. Well I guess that kinda confirms that I definatley don’t know the person… lol mmm the only ‘outgoing’ (so it seems) place you’d find me is at some rock concert in the mosh and thats not like a regular occurance… blah… makes you wonder who random ppl who know you really are eh? Ahh well don’t really matter as those who are friends know me for who i am anyway not some loud/wild person??? Unless anyone can disagree with that??? All I will say is weird, I wonder who’s watching me???

Anyway this weekend is hectic, dinner tomorrow, 4WD-ing on Sat + Shrek at night, dunno whats happening Sunday yet… Next week hopefully I can drive my mum’s car all week… maybe for the next month… lol if I work out how to park it… mmm but then who will drive mine and make sure it doesnt die or whatever it is (or same vice versa?)…

Blah I think it is time to go to sleep as I havw to unit mind tomorrow till the kitchen fixer dude comes then I might go to work and do some stuff…


So it was my last exam today. It was a joke in a way, and I hope we all get compensated for it. Like 15 minutes after the exam started, the stupid alarm went of, and the examiner checky person had to go and check whether it was for real. In the process we’re sitting there confused not sure whether to continue writing, whilst the beeping gets damn louder (or so it seemed). Then we find out we really do have to evacuate, and the whole of the Tower plus Building 2 had to leave the building whilst the fire crew and stuff came up to check the building. Then we got to go back in, and we started writing away madly, but our examiner person tells us not too, ‘cos according to the book the exam should be aborted/terminated. But no, it wasn’t rather we only got 20 minutes extra even though we were disrupted for at least 30min… def more considering we had our concentration broken etc. So yeah thats my story for the day.

Oh but last night The Offspring were pretty good. Didn’t get lost but the car park at Fox Studios is hectic as, and the traffic was hectic getting outta. Anyways yeaht that’s it, I’m going to go visit my grandma then watch my RBF DVD.


Blah so yesterday I studied for a good most of the day, got bored mid way so read this article about Gush and so downloaded it then spent an hour or so configuring it. It’s pretty okay, I like the RSS feeds, but I don’t like the idea of the ‘container’. Dunno much more used to seperate panels for each window. The big panel makes it seem clunky. I’ll probably stay with it though, ‘cos it runs MSN and ICQ as well – uses Jabber network, so it’s got gateways to MSN and ICQ network if that makes sense. Then did some more study, then watched Bad Boys 2 cos my head was getting stuffed around and lightheaded. But yeah that’s about it really. Today is my last full study day, because tomorrow I have half a day and then its Offspring at night.

In other stuff, should I continue working at uni next semeseter? I’m thinking of applying for a different subject this coming semester. Hopefully they haven’t hired people yet. But its kind of dependent on how my results go now I think. Pity we don’t find results out till like 2 weeks before spring semester starts :-S. I have a little desire to program at the moment. And I also have the uni is crap thought going… lol I pay 5+ grand a year to go to uni for 26 weeks to learn stuff some of which I ready know to be assessed in ways which don’t really show anything in the end. I guess that what happens in life. But yeh doesn’t it make you want to quit… though I don’t even know what I want to do in life. Stuff I’d consider as ideal for me (stuff I like) i reckon would be seen as a potential waste of intelligence… and it probably very well is. But what is intelligence? Everyone is unique in their own way so we can’t exactly agree upon a term can we?

It’s kind of like an end adolescent crisis I think. The fact that soon I will have to be part of the big world, which I’m scared off??? Not scared but not exactly likened to. It’s not really right to use the terms but somehow I see myself fitting into a blue collar world better than a white. Life’s about choices isn’t it? But we just never know if we’ve made the right choices… and I guess we never do, we just sit wondering for the rest of our life.

Sorry you have to listen to my rambles (whoever’s reading)… if anyone has any ideas of what I should do yell.