Mmm I can’t really type much ‘cos I should be studying for my exams, but I’ll just take a short time out… well the database exam will be interesting ‘cos it’s testing application not theory. Mmm will be like the first one I’ve done like that, but it will be interesting, and imho i guess it is better as it actually will check whether you know your stuff as opposed to rote learning.

Also found out the other day that Bodyjar and Something Corporate will be supporting The Offspring… woots… mmm I hope I’m not of in lala land because of my exam the next day??? But yeah omg… Something Corporate, that’s like so unlikely… mmm I’ll need like $160 bucks or some crazy amount… ‘cos i didn’t get a bodyjar shirt last time.. (but i mighten this time)… but so need to get a Something Corporate and Offspring one…

that is it for now.