Mmm so in the last 2 days I’ve formatted my lappie, and its all nice, clean and patched. At least that’s one thing I’ve got around to so far. Other than that been working, eh all that lifting etc must’ve given me some extra muscles or something (plus make me super dooper tired).

Oh today because of that random bus strike I had to drive my mum to work at Para so had to wake up at some crazy time… I spent most of my morning driving! – or so it seemed. Whilst driving there were people waiting at bus stops and I had the urge to wind the window down and yell out ‘bus strike!’ but alas that is not something I would actually do…

But yeh nothing to great other than that. Tomorrow going to only work a half day, so after dropping Calvin, probably head to visit my grandma for a bit before going to work. Some stuff I need to finalise/get done before hols.