Like how cool is this?!? That is like one mad geeky gadget and a good combo as well. Many times have I wished I had a knife or scissors on me to open a box or cut some tape off. It’s like a totally geek tool. Beats having the keychain with light, usb key and carrying scissors and a screwdriver around at the same time then trying not to lose any of the items along the way.

Ahh one can dream that one had money to buy items for the sake of buying them… lol. Ook I think I’m going to buy a Crumpler bag… Wack-O-Phone or Roll-O-Notes probably.


Listening to Forever Delayed: Greatest Hits by the Manic Street Preachers. Weird but this year mainly I’ve suddenly had this weird listening fascination with listening to mid 90’s to 00’s Brit Rock/Pop. Oasis, Coldplay, Manic Street Preachers, Muse and so on… maybe I’ve grown up? But more than likely it lets my thoughts flow through my mind when they need to do so.

Well today went to this Resume Writing/Job Seeking/Interview workshop thingo at uni. Blah more confused than ever before. Sitting there hearing the stuff, I reckon I should be able to easily find a job (to some extent that is). My resume is pretty good already, I think I’ve got the grades and I have good referees (and they said to flaunt them if they were good). And so I sit wondering whether I’m wasting that potential opporunity. Then I came home and started thinking about maybe doing a semester of uni oversears but realised it’ll stuff my whole schedule up. Utterly lost and confused. Oh and if we submit our resume and cover letter by 1pm Monday some outside HR company will check them for us… except I’m not supposed to be going to uni on Monday. And apart from a few changes my resume + letter is already kinda the way they said to present it. So do you reckon I should go??? We’ll see how things go.

I been reading this SDP stuff… the subject looks like fun. Hopefully (touch wood everyone…) that others in Group 23 will have a similar enthusiasm. This is like project in Year 12 SDD all over again except on a much much bigger scale.

Oh I wonder if I’ll still be offered an OOP position this semester? I’m only avail 2 hours so I know the chance is low. But I wouldn’t mind doing it again as I quite liked it as it was a good experience. Cross fingers…

Time to go sleep… early for me.. and its a Friday night. But yeh don’t have late weekends too much once uni semester starts… one of those people who needs there 8 – 10 hours sleep a night kinda person. Aka *n e r d*…

Blah also anyone wanna research Crumpler bags for me?


Well it was first day back at uni today and I came home with a huge stack of booklets for SDP. Already starting to feel :-S. I’ve read some of it and its fairly confusing at this time. Hopefully will make more sense soon. Also know who one member of my group is which is better than knowing none.


Well today is I guess what should be called my ‘official last day of holidays’. I have a 9am lecture tomorrow morning. Argh SDP we just received an email this afternoon saying that this semester they will be choosing the groups for us, as opposed to us choosing our groups as they were for previous years. It’s good and bad I suppose. Bad because you don’t know people who are in your group very well which impacts upon group dynamics and all. But in a sense also good, as if the coordinators are smart they will form the groups so that each group has a roughly even amount of skill and knowledge (dunno based using exam resultd?) which is fairer for all as their will be no power groups or weak groups as such. Or (and I will be suprised) they may arrage groups so those aiming high are grouped together?. The thing freaking me however, is the possibility of having to work with people I don’t know. Or as in the case of a previous subject people who couldn’t spell or write properly. Oook I juts received an email… I’m in Group 23. Which is lucky in a sense as its on Thursday so it means I only go to uni Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. But of course there will be the need to go some other days with the group work and all.


I so should not have crawled under tables at work today. I think I’ve like rebrusied the brusied knee and it actually hurts now when I move it and bend it and feels funny when I touch it. But other than that its good to be back home. Not that the snow wasn’t good – it was great – but part of me can’t really part with I think the city and the routine that is known as my life.

Crapsie Muse tickets got sold out… they weren’t yesterday. Though I wasn’t going to do I think because I know I have uni that night. Me hopes they have a second show on a night I’m free.

Anyways I’m off to sleep or read or whatever… work again tomorrows, then uni starts again 😮


Well I’m back. Got back after 1pm sometime. First thing I did was turn on my comp… then realised my mouse got nicked (found it in the other room – though I didn’t put it there!). Then I unpacked some of my stuff and went to visit my grandma as I forgot to visit her on Wednesday evening before I left. And so now here I am.

How was the snow? It was pretty awesome. Lots of snow, and a fair bit of it nice soft powder which was good. Boarded this time, was my first time and was pretty suprised as it was easy to learn than when I went skiing a few years ago. But it hurts like 100 times more when you fall. My tail bone bore the brunt (or most) of the pain. Not so much today but def on Fri night, Sat it killed. As did the thighs and arms. No injuries which was good. Wear wrist guards they actually work!

But yeah most painful things were probably smashing my head twice on the ground in the same afternoon in the same spot (of my head). That hurt a bit. Oh and on Sunday I landed whack on my lower back / tail bone then landed on top of my right arm. Had to lie there for like 5 mins, ‘cos the inital pain was like ouchhhh then after that I couldn’t get up as I couldn’t pull myself of my arm, and I couldn’t twist my board + feet around to get up the other way ‘cos the fall totally hurt. Last time did something similar was when I fell like 4ft from a skateboard ramp. But yeah thats bout the only real painful experiences of my latest expedition.

Ahh oh have to mention this, on Sunday we got lost at Perisher, we had nfi where the hell we were except that we had to head downhill (obviously) eventually we landed up down near some T-Bars and with a look at our map we realised we were way to far across and should have gone left not right way up the top. So we had to get a bit up again across to the left again, then walk the rest. Tiring… it took like 3 hours to get back.

Now not about the snow, but driving through the country (if that’s what you call it? I would) you get a real indication about the drought we are experiencing at the moment. It’s actually pretty bad. Pretty much the whole way its was dry barren brown ground/soil. Makes you wonder what on earth the sheep are picking at. And the erosion and gullies formed by the lack of vegetation, holding the topsoil in place is pretty impressive yet in a way bad as one knows they will get worse. So save water peoples…

Thats it for now… oh its back to uni on Thursday for me 🙁


Well this will be my last post till about Monday night as I’m off to the snow tomorrow. Well today was the dreaded day of uni results. I didn’t think they’d put them out that early ‘cos I remember Autumn 03 they weren’t out till 5pm and in Spring they weren’t meant to be either but came out a few hours early. But when I woke up to go to the toliet in the middle of the night (around 3am), curiosity got the better of me so I turned out my computer and had a check. And suprise they were out. All I can say is I passed stupid RE!!! I can’t believe it. I got a Credit for it… I have nfi how considering I needed 15/30 to pass and I guessed more than 15 questions. Overall: D, HD, HD, C. Definatley better than I thought. So I guess that’s another phase of my life that is now closed.

Anyways I have to go and pack my bag…