So I had uni last night. Got to uni a few hours early so I did some more work on SDP. It’s alot more work that I thought it would be. OMG and yesterday just when I practically finished the task I was meant to do, the subject coordinator sent this email saying the booklet was incorrect and to remove some of the tasks. Which was the on I was wokring on!!! Blah you think they’d at least check their material before printing in and giving it to students. Waste like a good half a day working on it. But I’ve got the project plan/schedule thingo happening at the moment, so on my part I’ve think I’ve got stuff organised.

But yeah so after uni last night, me an Jess headed up to the rocks to go to pancakes. Had a pizza and chocolate something pancakes (no I didn’t not eat it all, shared)… lol and so so full later. Trekked back down to central and jess gave me a lift half way home. Ahh I almost forgot that I parked halfway at Henely… that’d be funny, getting home and going… where’s my car…

Today, had a kinda informal meeting thingo with one group member over msn re admin and mgmt stuff, that was pretty good. Then read some stuff, visited my grandma and reading again. This grown up business reading with businessy acronyms is getting to my brain.