Well the reading is killing me. After doing these two subjects I’m pretty definite I don’t want to do honours. I don’t think R&D is my thing. So much info so little words to write it in.

And I’ve been listening to different music of late. Matchbox 20, Eskimo Joe, Dido and yeah weird. Oh well it’s mellow enough to help my brain think. Ahh I went hunting for the From Here On In DVD again.. bugger it, I’ve heard some stores have it and some don’t. Some delay. Apparently HMV Pitt Street mall have it. Maybe Maq HMV will have it. Will check tomorrow.


Well yesterday started Assignment 3 for Business Processes and IT Strategy. This one is hard, because the articles are very confusing. My desk is covered in lots of journal articles and all. I think I’ve got an idea of what to write for the time being. The type of alignment exactly I’m not sure, it might help if I read the articles I’ve found.

Oh yesterday went to a travel agent. Looks like its all happening soon… mad. I’ll be like so broke after it, but you gotta do what you have to do.

Oh also, I’m quite intrigued at the latest plate/seismic activity around the world for some reason. The San Andreas fault 6.0 earthquake, and the pending eruption of Mount St Helens.


One of the silly things I saw today. Well it’s only silly if you know what to do really. There’s this website of a muscian. Now on the first page, they’ve got this flash player which plays tracks from the person’s new album. Now the stupid/silly thing is, it lets you play *all* tracks form the album, and it’s the *whole* track as well. Now, with sound recorders in existance, isn’t that kind of like promoting for vistors to just set the thing to loop through all songs, and record it? Personally, I’d have put a snippet of each song… not the whole album!


So I woke up around 6:20am and drove my mum to the hospital. Have to pick her up later in a few hours or so. Then came home has some brekky, read the news, then went to Maq to go to HMV. Slightly better, they had lots of copies of the 2CD version, but bad was no DVD… grrr. So I bought that, then had a look at shoes… shoess… mmm Vans or the Kustom ones??? Vans cooler, but can’t wear them to shows and stuff, ‘cos they’ll slide/fall off.

Um yeah now to do some work, going to movies tonight, cheap tuesdays to watch Princess Diaries 2.


Firstly my gripe for today. When a cd is meant to be released on a specific day, you’d expect a major music retailer to stock it wouldn’t you? And it’s not a obscure CD either. Anyways so I couldn’t be bothered going to HMV at Maq, so I went to Sanity at Top Ryde. They had *ONE* copy of the CD and it wasn’t even the special 2 CD version… nor did they have the DVD that was meant to be released on the same day. So I ask the guy at the counter if they have the 2 CD version, and he’s like 2 CD version? And I explain that theres two versions of the CD, so he asks this other person, and their like, yeah we’ve got them on order… like wtf?!?! Well I guess I’ll go give HMV some business tomorrow instead, as they’ve always had the new releases whenever I’ve gone to buy them.

That over, I fell asleep in the afternoon for a bit, and was a bit bludgy. Then I went to visit my grandma and had to pick my cuz’s up along the way. Crowded visit, at one point there was 9 people there. Then ate dinner watched some tv, and since then, I’ve been on a coding roll, hence I’m still awake. I have to go to sleep soon, otherwise I’ll stay awake all night being a code monkey. Plus I have to drive my mum to the hospital like at 6:30am tomorrow morning!!!

Mmm I’m contemplating seeing how long it takes to ride to work. Am thinking about starting to ride on Tuesdays for the fun of it. Early morning air is nice, plus its only a 3KM ride which is like 10-15min max. We’ll see, only things crappy about it, is its getting hotter now, and I’ll have to lug a whole lot of water, plus a change of clothes.


Well I’ve been out since 9am and got back round 2:40pm ish. Went bike riding/trekking for the better part of the morning then had lunch at Emily’s house and looked at Thailand stuff then cycled back home. Anyways we rode all the way around to Silverwater and over the bridge, then round to Newington Armoury then through Olympic Park. Stopped for a gelato then cycled back via Bicentennial Park and Rhodes. Hectic. And it was fairly hot on the way back. Looks like next time we should start earlier maybe. Other than that good stuff.


Well I’m still aluve so I suppose that is something good. Thurs, Fri were hectic as. Now on a week hols, but have to start researching for next BPITS assignment. This semester will be the worse. I know so… feel it in me. Oh well. As for SDP… omg someone turned up late ‘cos they overslept… ermmm all I can say is that is why alarm clocks exist!!!

Anyways today went to get a new bike helmet. It feels so weird compared to the old one, ‘cos its a different shape and sits higher up, so feels and looks hmm yeah weird. Anyways going riding tomorrow morning again, so have to be up by 8am to eat some brekky before go cycling.

Oh the other day, Thursday in afternoon I went to this seminar thingo about education (had to wait around for 3 hours after sdp but meh). It sounds kind of interesting so I’ll see. But it means I have to be careful with what I pick as electives next year. So I think it has to be 2 chem or physics subjects and then 2 on whatever I want (which I’ve already decided will be earth sci ones). Bugger to being able to use 2 of my electives on Distributed Databases and C/S Architecture and some proggy subject. Oh well. Furthurmore, if I knew, I would have done some of the science subjects this year, to reduce to load. Cos each science subject is 6 hours each. so 6 * 2 + 3 * 2 = 18 hours…. and I’ve only ever done 12 hours max at uni per week. And I don’t know anything remotley chem related. I don’t know if UTS offers geography as a subject??? or what its classified under… someone help me


I have had a crazy last few days. This week for me is my crazy week. SDP assignement and presentation tomorrow, then on Friday night, NED assignment 1 and 2 due. 1 involving an essay and presentation/discussion, and 2 a group assignment 3/4 done at the moment.

Anyways worked Monday instead of Tuesday so could go to uni yesterday and was there from 9:20am till 6pm. Then went up to Kinkos to get our assignment bound, then by the time I got home it was 7:45pm ish. Then worked today, then uni, got there abit earlier, met up with half the group. Things were looking great. Finalised the traceability matrix, then headed to BPITS lecture then tute, and now back home.

Going to sleep now, ‘cos have to wake up early get ready and go to uni early so I’m not late. I don’t like being late so prefer to be early and safe.

Laters, good night…


Well just got back from the movies. Went to see Suddenly 30 with some friends. Was pretty good, a bit slow at the start though. Some parts of the movie made me think back some years though. After movies decided on what to eat, ended up at Oporto’s for junk (if that’s what its called?). Bummed chatting for a bit then trish got picked up, then drove emily home, them myself home.