Today was my first free day in absolutley ages, so I was going to ride over the RGHS to drop of some forms then come back home. I was procrastinating when I woke up whether to drive or ride then made my mind up, because I realised if I didn’t actually ever do what I wanted to do, I’ll never ever get it done. So I packed my gear (water, bike pump, snack etc), went and got my bike and the front tyre was flat so I took it to the servo and filled it up. I was thinking that was odd at the timem ‘cos the back tyre was still full. Lucky I decided to go by home, to get my bike lock. Anyways so I come out, and I hear the air hissing out of the front type…. I’ve got a puncture… Oh No! Bike ride and get exercise plan was ruined… and I was relegated to the car for the trip over to drop the forms of…. so now the options are, fix the tube… or go with my urge and buy a new bike (and use the puncture as an excuse???)…


First some rants… not to do with me really, but public transport… in this one bus trip, the bus driver managed to completely drive by two bus stops with passengers waiting. Just because the bus stop area is full with other buses, does not mean there are no passengers! And just because you let passengers off before the bus stop whilst waiting in the traffic (which most bus drivers will not do because of liability issues), doesn’t exactly mean you don’t have to stop either for those actually at the bus stop. Issue compounded worse, that this bus goes past a specific location that the other buses do not. So what do these poor people have to do? Wait another half an hour. I guess my point of my rant here is, if everyone’s promoting public transport, maybe those at the face of the public transport (i.e. the ones who deal with the public on a day to day basis), might what to provide a better service? or at least once which doesn’t involve driving past paying passengers… Now you’re probably going which bus company, which bus route? But I’ll leave that up to your imaginations… keeping things anonymous is better for a number of reasons…

Now for today’s random ramble… two pigeons chasing each other around a cylindrical column. Made me smile…


Well, well… on the supermarket run I decided to test the Saberspoon theory (see previous post). However unlike others, I’d feel a bit odd loading a trolly with 9 boxes of cereal then weighing them, so I took two boxes to the fruit and vegie section. Weighed them and both boxes were well over their stated weigh of 595 grams. One weighed 715 and the other 725 respectively. I went for the heavier. And lo and behold I now have a green lightup Saberspoon in my hand… I have a feeling the other box had one too. It was kinda funny as all the stories I’ve heard involved weighing Coco Pops or Rice Bubbles, but their were only 4 boxes of Saberspoon Coco Pop boxes left, so I had to do for the Fruit Loops and hope it worked. So yes the hot tip is true… weigh your cereal boxes. Digital scales work best.


The weather is freezing… late start to the Sydney weather, but now it’s finally arrived. Brrrr… cold.

Also, do you reckon I should go on a Saberspoon hunting mission? Apparently the hot tip is to weigh the boxes in the fruit and vegies section…


You know how a couple of months back I was talking about goals, dreams and achievements, and how most of them have come true/eventuated? I’m getting closer and closer to my final goal/dream. By final goal, I mean the one last major goal that has been in my five or so year plan that I kind of had in my mind around the start of Year 11 (2001). I don’t want to jinx myself or anything, but if such came true, I guess that would be a very, very cool moment on a multitude of levels. When I look back over the past few years, I would not have thought it possible to be where I am now in life, most certainly when I set my original aims/dreams/goals they seemed like just a distant blimp on the horizon, never to be met, but 4-5 years on they’re almost within reach. I don’t know how it is for others, but my words of wisdom is that dreams can/do come true. You just have to believe in yourself, and take every moment/opportunity as they come. Everything that happens happens for a reason, and if you learn from whatever event occurs, your part of the way there already. Stay true to yourself, and trust what your heart says…


Argh I think I’m getting a cold… not good for a number of reasons. Other than that, yesterday was my last plants lab… (awww) but now I have a mini project report to write up. Lucky for me (and possibly quite so to my benefit), I asked yesterday how to write up a science report, as being a non-science student and all, the only reports I ever have to write have been business proposal style reports. Anyways I got a fairly detailed rundown of how it should be set out and presented, and also a better understanding of the context of the report as a whole. It shouldn’t be too bad now I think. Hey it’s definatley more fun than that PMQA report we have due around that time as well.


Well, well as of late I’ve been back on the grad recruitment bandwagon, so lots of early morning starts to make interviews and all. Hopefully something will eventuate – well I wish and dream for it, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m pleased to have even had the opportunity to get this far. I guess I’ll find out in the coming weeks how things go. Other than that uni is picking up as well. Working up towards the final assessment/assignment week, and then into that stretch that is known as end semester exams.

After that… who knows… a month + holidays. Definatley some bike riding will get thrown into that schedule… still have to ride to Botany Bay (and back?!?)… maybe a short trip somewhere… any ideas? On a relatively short budget though.