I locked myself out of the house this morning which kinda sucked ‘cos I had to get to work and I had no house, garage or car keys ‘cos I forgot to put them in my bag. But by some weird chance of luck my brother had a friend staying over, so I tried to ring my home but no-one picked up. Then I had to madly try ring my brother and hope he picked up to get him to ring his friend. And yep in the end I managed to get my keys. Then after that I had to make like 3 trips between the driveway and the house because I kept on forgetting things!


Okay so there’s not really much to post about. I did my last exam on Tuesday. It was kind of okay I suppose. The first question was good, the other ones I am not quite sure because I don’t think I phrased my answers very well…

Anyways I’m at uni now. My last day of work here, and then bye bye UTS. The next week is going to fly by. Working every day till next Wednesday, then a mad rush to organise stuff for my trip + last minute get togethers with peoples before we all go on our end of year (or for some whole year) journeys abroad. Plus Oasis gig is on this coming Monday night, so can’t wait for as it’s one more strike off my list of UK bands I want to see, with only 2 remaining…

As for what I’ve been doing with my spare time… it hasn’t really been spare, ‘cos yeah I’ve had to work Wed/Thurs and will continue to do so. Hopefully I can get a bit of bike riding in amongst it all. On the upnote at least I’ve caught up on sleep so much so now I’m sleeping to much that I’m tired all day…


So did a beach trip yesterday afternoon which was heaps good. That’s the thing I’ll miss about being away this summer again as it’ll be two summers where I haven’t been able to hang at the beach etc as much, as by the time Jan/Feb comes round things start picking up again.

A random funny side story is on the way back I had to change shoes, so I stuck my water bottle on top of the car. Except I forgot about it. The strange thing is I managed to reverse up a driveway bump/kerb thingo, do a u-turn and turn around a corner before the bottle fell off which was kind of weird cos it stayed on for ages.

And other than that I’ve been ISODing it recently. Final exam on Tuesday and then that is it. The end. No more. It’s been a quick 3 years.


Argh!!! I need (read: want) my passport back. I hand it in on the 24th of September for a visa, and I still haven’t got it back because they kept it for a bit before sending it out. It’s 2 weeks exactly before I leave, and the guy can’t even tell me if it’ll be back by next Saturday! This is the point where I swear for the obvious reasons. It’s made worse because I need it to sign some identity documents for the bank as well as to get Traveller’s Cheques which ironically enough require me to have my passport as proof…. Here’s to hoping/praying it comes back on Monday or Tuesday.


Eeek just took my last dose of Dukoral, and it was like worst than the first time. I only just managed to finish the glass and now I feel really sick because it tasted horrible. Yuk. But it’s done now, so I suppose that’s the good thing. Oh an a random side note, I just found out that it actually is cold in Delhi in December…. like 15 degrees or so… oops.


Why is life confusing? Anyways to cut a long story short, it seems I may be good at research and should consider it. That poses a bit of a dilemma, as whilst I enjoy researching etc, I’m not a fan of having to articulate my thoughts/findings (see post a few posts down) as information overload and brain strain gets the better of me… That said, I have a few interests that would make a good research project if I ever do decide to head that way. Just stuff which perplexes me in some form or another which is mainly the sociology aspect of IT. Meh some more stuff to ponder upon.