Sometimes don’t you hate technology?

As the subject goes… it just took me absolutely ages to configure the VCR. Why was I configuring the VCR you may ask? I was trying to make it get it’s feed through the set top box to know avail, then in the process stuffed up the tuning which I then had to work out how to reset. I’d have RTFM if I knew where on earth it was. The reasons behind this all however comes from me realising the doco Born Into Brothels is showing on SBS tonight at 10pm. Ironically when I was browsing in the DVD section of Borders on the weekend I had spotted this doco, and thought it sounded interesting enough to put in my mind as a possible future purchase.

Sydney traffic

Sydney traffic is so random at times… sometimes you can get to the city in 30-40 minutes, other days it stretches from an hour to an hour and a half. Today was one of those days… and it had to be a Monday as well where the weather was all grey. You know that weather where you’d rather be at home. It’s times like these that I wish I lived on a train line. At least the train can’t get stuck behind a thousand other cars on a traffic jammed 3 lane road for the majority of it’s journey.

Woah I’ve converted

After almost 5 years at Blogger I’ve converted over to WordPress. I’d toyed with the idea for a number of years considering a number of solutions such as TypePad, GreyMatter and so on. But seeing the popularity of WordPress grow over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that if all these other bloggers out there are using it, there must be something good about it. Plus it has a built in tool to import posts and comments from your blogger account which is a plus. The past is kind of a historical memory to everything that has gone through my mind over the years. The headings are warped though, ‘cos in blogger I didn’t setup headings, so their represented by numbers here.

Keep checking back over the next few weeks as I further customise and tweek things here and there…


Well I right royally f$%#ed up my lappie tonight. So I went to install this thingo I d/l from the net, and just my luck it turns out to be this bug riddled software which pretty much ruins my Windows system files, such that I can’t even start up properly. I couldn’t really care less about that part but more about rescuing my emails that date back years and the photos that Em had sent me from Canada. Lucky I found a utility which allowed me to retrieve them from the DOS environment after which I restored my partition from an image I’d made back in Jan. But all is good now I think…


So what’s the mid-end week roundup? Well it’s been suprisingly great. Thursday was a half day of work, ‘cos the morning was offsite and then went out with some other grads and ex-grads at night for drinks… $2.50 vodka lemon, limes… bargin hey? Then today it was our paid day off to do volunteer work which was heaps good. Except we rocked up totally unprepared (I’ve never painted rooms before), so i resorted to tying a plastic bag round my head to protect my head from paint. Which was good I suppose considering I did hit my head on wet paint a few times. Then it was home mid afternoon and here I am….


My new name for yesterday and today has been Q as in the letter Q. Courtesy to a somehow warped bank account name, my first name isn’t what it is to the bank which made for weird convos when they rang. Ironically they rang wanting to sell me products. One’s that they can make money – e.g. credit cards! – but in the end I think (?) I ended up getting the better deal… New online account with no fees, unlimited internet transactions AND i can bpay straight from it. Better part is since it’s with the same bank as my current saving’s the accounts are linked, so transfers will be immediate unlike my current setup. But that’s not the good part… the better part is no more $5 monthly fee for the life of the account. Woot! Yay to work benefits… and unlimited transactions.


Woke up, wished that I was dead
With an aching in my head
I lay motionless in bed
The night is here
The day is gone
And the world spins madly on

World Spins Madly on – The Weepies

For the first time ever, the other night I told someone what I had once felt. And I guess that the lyrics from the above song kind of summed up what I pretty much said. Except I didn’t actually know the lyrics to the said song I like till today which is kind of ironic.

But on to other stuff… the world does really spin madly on. We’re almost at the end of February. It doesn’t sound like much, but for me its huge for many reasons.