There’s a State of Emergency… bought the new CD in my lunch break today. But meh if I’d walked up to the Galeries Victoria I could’ve got it cheap at JB Hi-Fi… oh well. This album is definitely better than Modern Artillery as it’s back to the well loved sounds/tunes of the self titled debut album and Roll On, with an even more refined sound to it all.


Hit shows plundered – National – smh.com.au
I think one of the key reasons in this article is due to the great delay in Australian (and I suppose the same in Britain) networks airing new episodes/seasons as highlighted in the second last paragraph of the article. In part it is due to the different ratings season in the U.S. verses that of Australia, but waiting 6 months to a year for new episodes is somewhat annoying for television viewers, especially when the Internet allows for the dissemination and discussion of shows, plots and so on much easier these days. So thus people resort to downloading shows to keep up with our U.S. counterparts… Of course this then negatively impacts upon our local markets/networks if downloaders don’t then watch the show when it airs on FTA. Ratings is important to the broadcasting networks. Less viewers = poorer ratings = later timeslot (maybe even shelved). Plus there is profitability of course of advertising revenue. Whilst a Tivo like service hasn’t yet taken of here (perhaps the closest is Foxtel’s iQ), I wonder what will become then. Already in the US, people start watching 15 mins after via their tivo, in order to be able to skip all the ads… what does such then hold?


Being the computer geek that I am, I’m going to put a shameless plug for The IT Crowd. It’s a new comedy television sitcom/show about you guessed right, the IT department in a company who have been relegated to the basement of the company offices. Really it’s a mockery of the stereotypical view of IT, but nonetheless some light hearted entertainment viewing.


I have just spent the morning madly attempting to sew/hem my pants up as well as trying to iron my shirts before Monday… unfortunatley I don’t think I’ve worked out how to iron properly, so the final product of ironing many shirts is shirts that still look creased in places.


Now that ratings season is starting up again, my TV schedule has suddenly exploded. My weekly schedule now somewhat consists of:
Monday – Grey’s (d/l), DH
Tuesday – The O.C., 24 (d/l)
Wednesday – Prison Break followed by The O.C. (season 1 on cable)
Thursday – Lost (as I stopped mid-way keeping up with the U.S.)
Friday – Veronica Mars, World Poker Tour

sad hey? we’ll see in a month what get’s culled…