Consular Services, High Commission, Foreign Affairs…..

Who’d have thought it be so damn hard to find the website of Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Australia?!?! I think now I’m 21…. it’s time to chuck in the citizenship… as now there’s all these problems to do with me supposed to be voting in the election etc, but I don’t live there, and their law is that I can’t hold dual citizenship anyway.

Speaking of which I forgot to post that this year the Singapore Government are giving away money to their citizens – something they apparently do every few years. Because *according* to their records I’m a low income earner (clearly seeing I’ve never worked there!) I qualified for the full amount of $800 SGD. Except there’s a catch I don’t have a bank account in Singapore which means I can’t really claim my money. I could go the cheque option, but then I’d have to get the paperwork filled to authorise someone else to cash the cheque for money. And with the multitude of forms I’d to have to sign, they might actually realise I’m holding two citizenships andwasn’t meant to get it in the first place.

The Amazing Race

So i watched T.A.R. last night, and the hippies are so funny. They remind me of the movie Dude Where’s My Car? for some reason. Best line last night was from Tyler when carrying the swordfish:

It actually feels good after awhile. Like an ice pack….

that made me laugh big time for some reason.

Eyes Open

By the sounds on the website the new Snow Patrol album is going to be awesome. In ways it sounds a lot like Final Straw, but then at the same time there’s the more softer style of When It’s All Over We Still Have to Clear Up. Will make my day if they make a trip to Australia this year.

Movies, markets, thai food and soccer

Okay so that sums up probably the last 24 hours. I was going to stay in last night because I was tired, sore and sleepy, but then I somehow landed up going out to watch the movie She’s The Man. Then today went over to Glebe Markets for a wander, then to Newtown for cheap thai food. $6 got me this massive plate of Pad Thai, think double sized portions – it was really huge! Then some random window shopping before heading back this way to Bill Mitchell park to watch a friend of the friend I was with play soccer.

Feel the pain

In my muscles… 1.5 hours of touch training, 30 min self training and a 1 hour cycle class all in one day really takes a toll. My arms and legs kind of feel like lead at the moment. Which means it’s probably time to go to sleep.

Exercise overload!

I’ve gone from almost no exercise (well only one day a week), to almost every day. Tomorrow marks a 3 consecutive day stretch where I have worked those muscles. Joining a gym, then deciding to join a touch footy team as well might have been just a bit over enthusiastic… Especially since tomorrow I have informal touch training during lunch, followed by a gym trip in the afternoon….