State of Emergency tour

One band I never seem to get tired of catching live is The Living End and last night proved it to again be the case. After deliberating over whether or not to drive or go from work, I decided to try make the 5:00pm bus which would hopefully get me home in time to get back out to Moore Park to meet Justin at 7ish. Worked out good except for the stupid 1 hour it took me to drive there! Then it was time for the staple concert dinner of a hotdog with cheese, onion, sauce and whatever else. Then some waiting through Kisschasy and Gyroscope before TLE came on. And as usual the show rocked. Suprisingly it wasn’t as moshy as other ones I’ve been too… mid way Justin decided to go grab some water except then Prisoner of Society came on and I was thinking crap.. (‘cos you so can’t miss POS)… but he postponed the water mission and ran back into the mosh (which I would’ve done as well). Musical interludes were awesome as per usual. Then afterwards instead of waiting in the carpark in a crazy queue to exit for 40 minutes, met up with a friend of his who was First Aiding at the gig for some late night Pizza.

And the whole six degrees of separation thing plays again, turns out his friend knows people I know and even people who know people who are friends with people I am friends with (okay so that was long winded).

And now my ears are still ringing and everything just seems a little less audible today…