The problem with socks…

Is that when you put them on to go to sleep it eventually gets to hot yet if you take them off it’s to cold. So in which case I have them half on… but then the problem then is, that sometime during the night they eventually come off and the next day/night you actually have to hunt for the now missing socks which are caught up somewhere between the multitude of bed sheets that are on the bed because its cold…….


So here’s the gig round up for last night. I have to say that was one impressive show… I suppose there probably one of the biggest bands I’ve ever seen… so I shouldn’t be too suprised, but having seen a number of shows at the Sydney Entertainment Center I was amazed at the size of the screen. It like wrapped the whole stage, and the camera work was absolutley awesome – the footage was like as if you were watching something that was esepcially filmed for dvd except it was what was actually happening…

Great moments… when Chris Martin changed the words of a song to be something along the lines of ‘that shouldn’t have been a penalty’. Then at the end in the encore, they came out in Socceroos jereseys played more songs, then some more nifty camera work which showed them on stage saying thanks and all and panning round the entertainment center. Except because they were in socceroos jerseys and the concert was sold out, it looked so surreal ‘cos it was like they were sports people in the middle of a super crowded stadium…..

Can’t remember the setlist 100% but I found the Brisbane one, and it looks to be the same:
Square One (from X&Y, 2005)
Politik (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)
Yellow (from Parachutes, 2000)
Speed of Sound (from X&Y, 2005)
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)
What If (from X&Y, 2005)
Don’t Panic (from Parachutes, 2000)
White Shadows (from X&Y, 2005)
The Scientist (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)
Till Kingdom Come (from X&Y, 2005)
Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
Clocks (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)
Talk (from X&Y, 2005)

Swallowed in the Sea (from X&Y, 2005)
In My Place (from A Rush of Blood To The Head, 2002)
Fix You (from X&Y, 2005)

All up, a great night out, and real good to catch up with people I haven’t seen in ages….

Oh yeh, some mobile pics….
P0627_223857.jpg P0627_221352.jpg P0627_220146.jpg P0627_213651.jpg

The Digital Divide

SMH – Why every Australian family needs the internet
Being someone who has had access to technology for pretty much as long as I can remember and having done an IT degree, the digital divide is something that is an issue to society. As a westernised/modernised country, we often see ourselves as lucky when compared to developing countries, but the same issues that plague such nations do exist in Australia in a slightly different context as the article states. One of the reasons behind such divides come from the reason that changes supposed to benefit make the rich better of and the poor even poorer. That applies to all countries but you can see it clearer in developing nations. For example, India and China are two countries who will very soon becoming power horses in the economic world. In fact I recall reading that one of those (or possibly both) are actually higher than Australia on the list. But yet millions of people in those countries live in poverty because it’s the rich people who make and profit economically. The average person on the other hand doesn’t reap those rewards. And that very same analogy applies here on the technological front.

Veronica Mars

So Veronica Mars has started up again, but seriously, the timeslot is shit… Friday night at 9.30pm, if Channel 10 want ratings I can’t exactly see it happening… either way… I’m blogging about it, because the theme song is We Used To Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols… anyways in the intro before the opening titles for tonight’s episode, it was awesome because Veronica was talking about a friend… and she goes “we used to be friends… a long time ago”, then it cuts to the titles and if you know the song (or show) it goes “a long time ago, we used to be friends”…. good scripting writing there….

anyway that was an aimless post from me… but yeh that show is another one which plays good music…….

Aussie Aussie Aussie…

Yup we’re a sport loving nation especially where Australia is involved. Pretty much everyone I spoke to at work watched the game this morning. It was perfect timing ‘cos once it finished it was around normal time to wake up anyway, so it just involved waking up earlier than normal. Stupid me sets my alarm for quarter past 5 as I thought nothing interesting would happen in the first 15 minutes. But I was wrong… flicking on the TV, the score was 1-0 Croatia’s way! A penalty in the box made us 1-1 then a stupid fumble by the goalie and we were down (2-0)… thank goodness for Kewell. Though for a moment it was a bit crazy because we had all our attackers on and the opposing team got the ball back up the other side of the field.

The flow on from our win was heavy traffic and crazy soccer fans in the city this morning. Was cool to see all the green and gold, and people horning their horns, and the crazy group in Martin Place along with the trumpet playing bicycle courier.

Here’s hoping that all goes well against Italy 🙂

edit: I just googled about the trumpet playing bicycle courier and it looks like other people are just as bemused/amused… – page 6

I hate colds!

Acute nasopharyngitis also known as the common cold sucks… having a stuffy and runny nose, tired limbs a sore right ear, tiredness and a lack of appetite is no fun. If it wasn’t for Veronica Mars being on at 9:30 tonight I would have gone to sleep as soon as I came home from work… speaking of which, I’ve moved teams early, so looks like things are going to be hectic for me the next few weeks…. (and the cold isn’t exactly helping!).

Ooh… I also bought a ticket to the Snow Patrol gig in July. Managed to get a standing/floor ticket which is ace ‘cos their now sold out. Side message to Em: can’t wait till your back and we can get squashed in moshes and have our hearing go funny – I think your right about RHCP and BDO ’07…

Oh yeah go the Socceroos in Sunday’s match!

World Cup Madness

So the first Aussie match was on last night and I wasn’t going to watch it… but midway through my sleep, I heard this loud cheering from the TV room by my dad and brother… so I *had* to wake up to see what all the yelling was about. Turns out Australia scored a goal (well their second). And I stayed up to watch the final one get scored as well. Pretty good I say to go from 0 – 1 to 3 – 1 in the last 8 or so minutes…