The weather has gone out the window… (was it ever in the window anyway?)

There quite possibly were some other words I could have used in the post title which may have expressed my dismay at the weather a little bit more forcefully/strongly but I think I have to expand my vocab and try to use some ‘other’ words (in which case I could really be minimising it?) You see if it wasn’t bad enough being into computers (that alone tends to degrade your vocab especially with the wonderful inventions of F7 and Shift + F7 in Word), completing a predominatly (still so) male course at uni further added to what could possibly be term bad engrish… though mine seems to be more fobby at times with the sometimes inclusions of words I should say less.

But back to the weather… Saturday was pretty damn fine (until really late afternoon), whilst Sunday and today is like all grey and rainy. Ironically pretty much everytime I’ve pre-planned to do something outside this summer, it’s been the wrong kind of weather! And since it’s actually almost Autumn, this grey weather of late might just be the seasons changing… but we’ll see I guess. Maybe just maybe the cloud gods may give me a couple more weekends of real sun (or is that too much wishful thinking)?

Other than that, with the weather going the way of the subject title, headed to the movies instead on Sunday… and should I be somewhat ashamed/embarrased that it’s the second time I’ve actually fallen asleep in a cinema? Nothing against the company I was with :-p but the ability to fall asleep almost anywhere means that the chair provided for a comfortable place for a 10 or so odd minute nap. Plus the fact that was probably one of the longest movies I’ve ever seen!

Hmm and then I had the annual CNY dinner thingo which I thought was late (everyone being away and all), but then I found out it actually goes for 15 days? So supposedly I’m supposed to be more prosperous this year… i’ll have to get back on that one in a years time…

Light outages, cockroaches, spiders (and their webs!) and girly screaming

I have to do a double post today because I have had a fun filled slightly crazy freaky night, involving all of the above plus more. So after typing the previous post, I headed down to Em’s house and we headed back in the same direction to this Indian place for dinner. Speaking of this place, there was this sign in the front window which I wanted to take a photo of (but didn’t) because it was so obviously wrong. If I remember right it was something like ‘25% off special Monday – Teus’.

Anyways so we ate and so on then headed back down to her house. We get there and go in and then the bottom lights stop working, so we decide we’ll try and fix it… after we get a torch we then see a cockroach… and if you know me, cockroaches (and for that matter most other crawly things) are probably when I am most likened to the girly girl (but more on that later). Anyways so we spend a good while trying to kill this cockroach by the light of a torch which doesn’t want to die. By which stage when we do get around to actually killing it, I’m standing half way up a set of stairs. You see I refuse to kill cockroaches myself if I can help it. The noise it makes when whacking it is like… ewww. So after we deal with that we start making our way outside. Until my friend tells me theres a spider and it’s web just outside… So we weave this path underneath it and then it’s like crap more ‘roaches (mini ones though) and trees on the way to the switchbox.

Then my mate does a run to the box and I follow. At which point I let out a pretty crazy scream, ‘cos I feel something down my leftside. I’d run into a spiderweb! Fast forward a bit more and we hadn’t fixed the lights. Turned out to be something we didn’t know how to fix. But we had power so we settled in for some O.C. viewing. And can I say how corny most of it was. Come on… there just happens to be a mid-wife and a wedding planner in the Cohens ex-house that they want to buy, just at the same time as Kirsten is having her baby and Julie wants to get married?!? And how unfortunate that they didn’t actually all die. Though that said the actual ending wasn’t too bad, pity about the rest of the show being so awfully plotted.

Oh random moment of the night, trying to blow this candle out from like more than a metre a way. It didn’t work, ‘cos after about 3 breaths I was totally exhausted of air, plus on the verge of cracking up ‘cos it looked and sounded so damn funny/silly.

The crazy weeks continue

Okay they aren’t actually that crazy but they have been pretty jammed full. First it was planning holidays then actually going on them. Now it’s catching up with friends doing courses amongst other happenings in my life. And don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad thing i just don’t recall when i last had so many things happening in my life. Next week I have an abseil course two nights so it continues.

This weekend is starting tonight with a catchup and a lets laugh at how silly the final episode of The O.C. is going to be followed tomorrow by a day out at Roventure in some place i have yet to work out where it exactly is… Sunday I’m heading hopefully to the beach assuming the weatherman remains correct with the report!

As for other happenings in my somewhat at the moment crazy life well I don’t really post much other than the usual mundane posts for the obvious reasons of the persistency of the internet world…
Random side topic there is this guy who is asleep next to me and he keeps falling onto me! Dude if your falling asleep don’t start falling onto random passengers. Oh he almost just fell of The seat!

The Snow Patrol post

So it was inevitable that this would come. I’ve just been caught up in other things. Anyways the gig on Monday was awesome but the Enmore gig still remains the best. Just like how The Living End at Homebake after the Roll On album remains the best gig I’ve ever been too.


Wasting time…

So I have a crapload of time to waste today. My flight doesn’t leave till 6:30pm ish and I still have hours before I even have to consider about getting to the airport. And ‘cos I left my guesthouse at like 10am and have my pack with me I can’t be bothered doing all that much. Not to mention it’s hot and humid outside. So here I sit surfing/typing/wasting time/catching up on the news.

Oh random side topic, someone mentioned this to me maybe about a week ago, but they were saying how in Vietnam theres places where they’ll load your mp3 player with music/video content (as opposed to buying the cds/dvds – which aren’t all that legit anyway). So I had found one yesterday, and went through looking through the whole booklet to write down what I wanted and eventually had a list. Except then when I went to give it in, it was like it’d be ready at 9pm, but I wasn’t going to be down there then. Then I’m like can I come by tomorrow, and the guy’s sure, but then I was meant to leave my iPod with him, and there was no way in hell I was going to do that. I’m sure it would’ve been cool and all, but I wasn’t willing to part with my device. So I said I’d swing by today. Except I didn’t cos I can’t be bothered walking 15mins down then back up. Lazy I know, but no major loss.

A bumpy bus with yes more dust…

It’s a kind of tacky rhyming title but it fits the occasion. So I woke up at the yet again crazy early time of 5:15am this time. I had to go to this other guesthouse to be picked up cos my one seemed to have no one who spoke English and understood what I meant by ‘book bus ticket’. Anyways pickup was supposedly at 7am, but since it was the place I was staying I walked down early at like 6am and just sat. Which was probably a good idea, cos they came earlier.

Anyways so we get to the bus company place where we’ll get on the real bus. We’re meant to leave at 7:30am, but the bus doesn’t seem to work. So they try fixing it to no avail. Next thing you know a perfectly working bus rolls up, and they take the part from that bus to put it into our bus. Anyone see the logic in that… they take apart a bus to fix another bus?!?! We eventually got moving at around 9:30am.

Meh and my guidebook was like the road is all good now, and it’s better than the boat… but this road… I don’t think it counts as a road. There were these little bypass/detour thingos around these bridges, just enough for 2 vehicles to pass by. On one of them a truck ladden with stuff had rolled which made it crazy to get around it (as passing it if not careful would have then caused your own vehicle to roll down the embankment). Anyways so all the locals started disembarking the bus (there was only me and guy who were travellers on this bus trip). Then when we realise the driver is going to drive by, we decide to jump out too. It was another one of those moments which wasn’t all that safe. Not to mention the other trucks which broke an axle/lost its tires and hence also kinda fell apart later down the road.

So a load of dust and potholes later we eventually got here, where I did as the locals did and grabbed my backpack and jumped of in the middle of an intersection. That’s cos I recognised where I was and I didn’t want to have to pay for a ride back if I could jump off and walk.