Well I finally rang the tech support…

Due to the crappy weekend of constant dropouts of the modem. Looks like a techie is coming out next week to have a look. Hope they actually find something in the line from the pole to the house and can fix it… theres only so many times one can handle going through the cycle of:

  • power off
  • unscrew coax
  • power on
  • screw coax back on
  • watch flashing lights

1 to 10

And we were the 1 in indoor soccer today. Its definately more intense and crazy than touch football and normal soccer. There is no offside and the ball never goes out of play.
As we had no girl subs today our rest was to go as goalie which may just explain how we lost by so much. Anyways in my stint there i managed to cos a ball right to my head where my left eye is. And it hurt like crazy when it happened. Plus it was kicked by a guy. At least it didnt go in.

Blackouts kind of suck

So there is on power coming back for at least a few hours. Use to happen a bit a few years back but this has been the first in ages. It kind of killed the tv viewing. And increased the temperature due to the candle lighting. I think i shall just go to sleep. Which was kind of happening until the electricity going off woke me up of my half asleep state.