More nerd related posts…

Well so far not too bad. I’ve managed to get JDK, Apache, Tomcat and Eclipse up and running which is all I really need these days. Well that plus email and a web browser (which come default)… now if I can get my iPod to work properly, media files to play properly and tv-out to work I might just really give it a go on my real machine…

Of course me converting my real machine might not necessarily be a good thing… particularly when the word ‘tree’ is associated with it.

Still I will admit I am a *little* bit impressed. It was a lot easier this time round (though my last venture into the world was about 6 years ago). It is somewhat pleasing to see that everything is auto mounted these days… ‘cos let me say that it was a pain to have to mount a floppy drive let alone having to mount the cd-rom to read a disc.

My toe, my toe, my left big toe

Has been sore around the toe nail since Sunday (no surprise why really). Apparently it’s also referred to as Black Toenail. Which kind of makes sense because it does turn black eventually. But this is the biggest one I’ve ever got in my life… And now 4 days later I can actually see it quite clearly under my toe nail. So the question which arises is do I do the heat up the paper clip treatment. It seems a little insane, but then walking on the toe is just as bad.

Pain, glorious pain…

Okay maybe not glorious, but a few of us entered in the NRMA Carefight Woodford to Glenbrook. Now we all thought it was 25KM but after having walked it, it was actually probably closer to 30KM. See from Woodford Station we had to walk 1KM to pick up our bibs then walk 1KM back to the starting point. That plus the 25KM is already 27KM. But reading the entry form again it says it follows 25KM of fire trails and there was a portion at the start of maybe a KM or so that wasn’t fire trail as well.

But I bailed at the last 4KM and hopped into the truck because my feet and legs were close to physically incapable of going further. Well it was that and the time and pain it took to get from 6KM to 4KM was too intense to bother exerting the other 4KM out. So I abandoned and the trio became 2 who actually made it all the way. All up though ignoring the last 4 KM I’m pretty sure I was either just around 25KM or a bit under (based on my pedometer reading).

Thinking about it 25KM was pretty damn far for a day and I think we all went through the denial phase of what we had got ourselves into. All up a good day but I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow!

Finally… see we may just be making a really huge assumption…

Some of you may know that I’ve often wondered if the whole ‘search for life extraterrestrial life’ is flawed because we make the assumption that life is deemed to be based somewhat upon the one humans live and hence the requirements we have – e.g. water.

I just read an article then called Life – not as we know it and yeah it pretty sums up what I’ve wondered. Will be interesting to see if future expeditions and all that take this into consideration. The only issue with this all, is we can only base what we know on what we can see/experiment on earth – with the exception of space missions but their rather short anyway (not including the ISS). So the question bears how do we know what could be termed ‘life’ on another planet if we can’t recreate/experience/see this on our own?


So if I’ve seen 2 big ships in less than a week does that count as slightly crazy? For which, the difference between a ship and a boat is that a ship can carry boats whereas a boat can’t carry a ship. Which kind of does make sense if you think about it. Anyways here are some pics from the ship expeditions:

Pasha Bulker – that ship that ran aground on Nobbys Beach in Newcastle:

pasha_bulker1.jpg pasha_bulker2.jpg

USS Kitty Hawk – currently docked in Sydney:


The souped up washing machine

I’ve been meaning to post about the souped up washing machine. It’s so souped up that it deserves to be under the Technology category! So you’re probably going what does this machine look like? Well this is it:


Now you’re probably going ‘okay that looks like a shiny object of metal’, but it’s a Steam Washer + Dryer! As in you can wash clothes and kick straight into a drying cycle. Oh and the fact that it can steam clean clothes is pretty insane. Not to mention that it’s a front loader and they have crazy cycle times of like 2 hours and 18 minutes for the default cycle (thank goodness for Quick Wash). But yeah that along with the crazy water heating and high spinning options add to the souped up factor.