Got myself a magical Magic Mouse!

So a bit after lunch today one of the guys I work with walked back in with a Magic Mouse in his hand. I heard some of the others oohing and ahhing at it so I joined the convo as I had known they still hadn’t arrived as of earlier in the week. And giving or taking 5 mins, quite a few of us crossed over the intersection to the Apple Store (work is directly opposite it) and bought ourselves some nice new shiny Magic Mice.

I have to say I am impressed. It’s sleek and the multi touch surface works brilliantly. Though it doesn’t have middle click functionality which is a bit of a downer. Still, one can hope Apple releases a software upgrade in the near future that supports it. I’m thinking a two finger click could be a suitable gesture for middle click. Thoughts? Pairing it was a breeze as well, no pushing buttons here, there and everywhere…

Had to update OS X though to 10.6.1 and install the Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0 for Snow Leopard.