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10 years of blogging?!?

Edit: So this was attempt 2 of this post. Thank goodness for Google cache! Don’t start a migration to a new server whilst still updating your site 🙂

So after having my WordPress install nag at me to update for ages, I finally got round to it. Also took the opportunity to clean up my FTP directory which has had bits and pieces lying around for years.

With this update, we now have a new theme, some nice random header images and Archives! I took a quick look at it and realised I’ve been blogging off and on for the last decade! I remember starting back on Blogger back in the day and then migrating to WordPress. Those blog posts from back then didn’t migrate that well, hence the numbers as post titles. And I also think I’m possibly missing a few weeks or months of the very start of my blogging foray… :-(

From WordPress was the migration to Drupal where I blogged periodically for a number of years and then the painful migration back. It’s just a little bit crazy to know I’ve still basically got 10 years of posts intact! There’s a couple of years in between where the posting is sporadic, but hopefully I’ll keep this guy more up to date with my ramblings, musings and thoughts.

Goodbye weekends hello house hunting – week 1

So the decision has been made to make the foray into the crazy realms of the Sydney real estate market, the objective to find a place to live in. So with that means a lot of spare time surfing and weekends spent looking at ‘open for inspections’. Highlights for this week:

  • House going under contract the night before were to check it out 🙁
  • Number 1’s still left in the kids potty in the bathroom
  • House’s that were in a terrible state – carpet that was frayed and separated, walls that were separating, paint jobs that looked like the person wasn’t even trying (it looked like outdoor paint too!)

Let’s say it’s easily noticeable whether a property being sold is a rental or an owner occupied…

As 2010 comes to a close…

Well it’s the 1st of December and the end of 2010 is almost here. I think that feeling of the year going by faster each year you get older definitely holds true.

So what has 2010 been for me? 2010 has been a mixed bag of things. Some good, some not so good. But coming up to the end of the year I’d have to say for the most part things have worked out all right in the end. And I guess ultimately I’m happy with that 🙂 If I had to pick two highlights of the year, I’d reckon I’d have to pick the big trip of USA2010 and finally making a decision on my pottering.

All in all, I’m looking forward to 2011! And if I don’t post again before the end of the year… Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (though if you’re reading this blog I’m fairly sure I’ll see you before then :-p )

Change is in the air

So its only been a month since coming back from holidays yet it feels so long ago. There’s been a bit happening in my life at the moment, but everything’s all good.

Without delving too much into it though, the main change in my life is that I’m starting a job at a different organisation in a few weeks. Whilst it will be sad to leave where I’m at now I am quite excited and looking forward to the new role. It’s going to bring a new set of challenges, and I’m sure there is going to be many fun and challenging experiences along the way.

A sunny Sydney afternoon at the beach

Headed over to Freshwater this afternoon with two of my friends for an afternoon at the beach. Nice sunny Sydney summer weather that wasn’t too hot made for a great day. And my first trip to the beach this summer – I didn’t count swimming in Asia as that’s not quite the same as a Sydney summer.

There’s something about Sydney I reckon… everytime I come back from holidays I’m glad to be home. I’m not really sure why that is exactly. I love the climate – not too hot/cold (except maybe those crazy 40 degree days!), water is pretty much within easy reach – makes for a nice sunset view coming over the bridges on the way home, parks to cycle through and enjoy and the lifestyle.

I haven’t really live in another country for an extended period of time, but I reckon Sydney is somewhere I’ll always enjoy returning too.

Stop raining please…

So it feels like its been raining for like 2 weeks straight. Which isn’t really that bad if it were not for the humidity. Humidity which makes me feel like I’m in SE Asia except for the fact there’s no market round the corner selling awesome food.

Other than that not too much happening. Been working pretty intensely so weekends have usually been rest. Looks like I’m playing soccer again this year so got to get back into shape… and on the bike! Maybe more Wii playing will do the trick?

On that it’s bed time… if I can rid myself of these hiccups!


Flicked through the TV Guide this evening and was somewhat surprised that ABC3 was re-airing Heartbreak High, one of the better Aussie TV shows of all times. Ironically (or coincidentally?) most of the better Aussie shows seem to have the same cast/crew combo working on them.. Wildside in the mid/late 90’s… to today where you’ve probably got the Underbelly series on Nine.

So in a break from my usual Monday night workings, I flicked my TV to ABC3 and was even more surprised when they were showing Season 1… (which Ten originally had the rights too)… Looks like I may be having a 30 min slot with my TV each night seeing I haven’t actually watched much of the earlier seasons…

Home sweet home…

Got home yesterday and have been sleeping/resting most of it as didn’t feel very well after all the flying… Other than that catching up on internet and all…

Some highlights from my internet surfing…

United States of Pop 2009, an awesome mashup of the top 25 billboard hits for 2009

I Love Lunch! The Musical, another awesome mission by Improv Everywhere