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Argh I’m so stupid…

I had an idea for a a Google Maps Mashup so I set about going about it yesterday thinking it was going to be pretty straight forward. Turns out I had to learn a bit a bout Ajax which was good/bad. Anyways so I had bits of my mashup working and I couldn’t for the life work out why a piece of code wasn’t working the way it should… half a day later it clicks…. the variable wasn’t global!……. argh……………..

Anyways back to the mashup it is… there were better ideas for mashups I had, but the lack of publically available data in Australia kinda sucks at that…

Google: Behind The Edge

Just watched this doco on Google on SBS. Was pretty interesting, as it also brought up a few interesting topics regarding privacy and the storage of personal information by google. I’m still sitting on the fence on that one, as I believe that to some extent we do have a bit of power in our choice of whether or not we use the tools/features provided by Google.

Watching this doco, brought me back to the (good?) old days. It had this montage of search engines etc from ages ago. Any pre-Googlers remember the days of AltaVista. Not to mention Dogpile, MetaCrawler etc…. ahhh the nostalgic memories… (well not quite)…

Either way, I’m still all for vouching that ‘Google is your friend…’

‘Goddesses’ spruik careers

‘Goddesses’ spruik careers
IT Screen Goddesses
SERIOUSLY?!? As a female working in the IT industry, that doesn’t exactly appeal to me. In fact if I were still a student seeing that could quite possibly turn me of the whole idea… or at least I would be thinking… n3rd al3rt…

Apparently it’s supposed to raise diversity of women in IT and raise funds for not for profit groups that encourage females to take up technology related pursuits…. um yeh… I could think of at least 5 other ways which would be alot more fun and convey non-geek to prospective females… calendars wasn’t exactly on the list…

The Digital Divide

SMH – Why every Australian family needs the internet
Being someone who has had access to technology for pretty much as long as I can remember and having done an IT degree, the digital divide is something that is an issue to society. As a westernised/modernised country, we often see ourselves as lucky when compared to developing countries, but the same issues that plague such nations do exist in Australia in a slightly different context as the article states. One of the reasons behind such divides come from the reason that changes supposed to benefit make the rich better of and the poor even poorer. That applies to all countries but you can see it clearer in developing nations. For example, India and China are two countries who will very soon becoming power horses in the economic world. In fact I recall reading that one of those (or possibly both) are actually higher than Australia on the list. But yet millions of people in those countries live in poverty because it’s the rich people who make and profit economically. The average person on the other hand doesn’t reap those rewards. And that very same analogy applies here on the technological front.

Boot Camp

Now “Macs do windows too”

Is that a sign that I now have a reason to buy a mac??? Though I must admit it is a pretty good move, as I’m sure there are a lot of people who would be willing to try a mac, but would still like the option to use Windows if they choose to.

“TV networks must learn to go with the bitflow”

The other day I was reading the article “TV networks must learn to go with the bitflow” and I have to agree with it. For example ratings season is coming towards an end in the U.S. yet some shows (such as 24, Grey’s etc) have yet to return to our screens. And when they do finally air, the networks still pull them of air every few weeks to show something else, or do some recap or whatever else they think of doing.

If we jump to the last paragraph, what it says is actually quite true. For example this year we were only one episode behind The Amazing Race. That is until they pulled it of air one week for the Commonwealth Games (which is mentioned somewhere in the article as well). But it’s still better than months behind.The main problem lies in the fact that the Australian ratings period doesn’t match that of the U.S. And clearly (well at least in the past) it’s not profitable to air hit shows in a time period where not as many people would watch them (over summer). But as for new business models… there is a market, one network just needs to be the brave one to kickstart it. And in the U.S. that is starting up soon, with the ABC network going to offer streaming of full episodes of TV shows that are ad supported.

Sometimes don’t you hate technology?

As the subject goes… it just took me absolutely ages to configure the VCR. Why was I configuring the VCR you may ask? I was trying to make it get it’s feed through the set top box to know avail, then in the process stuffed up the tuning which I then had to work out how to reset. I’d have RTFM if I knew where on earth it was. The reasons behind this all however comes from me realising the doco Born Into Brothels is showing on SBS tonight at 10pm. Ironically when I was browsing in the DVD section of Borders on the weekend I had spotted this doco, and thought it sounded interesting enough to put in my mind as a possible future purchase.