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Friday night nerd fun…

Well the first half was the nerd part. My friend had what effectively was a dead Creative Zen Micro that was out of warranty. After I’d found out that the Zen Micro actually had a Microdrive and not flash memory and knowing about the drive swapping that could be done on the Muvo2, it seemed a lot more promising that it could be resurrected to see another day (and to play more music!).

So a google was called for to arm myself with whatever I could find about dismantling the player. For any would be dismantlers, this and this are the two best ones on working out how to get the thing apart… (strange that the HardwareZone site didn’t want to display me pictures at my home yesterday but it works fine today???). Armed with print-outs, compactflash cards, screwdrivers and whatever other paraphernalia that I may need I went over and we proceeded to take apart the player.

About an hour or so later (due to me putting in the compactflash card the correct way, thinking it was the wrong way and swapping it round, then realising it was correct the first time) we had a fully functional mp3 player. So yep if anyone’s wondering it’s definatley possible to replace the microdrive with a compactflash card – just that the players a pain to get apart and put back together again.

After that it was watching season 2 Grey’s eps. Seemed so long ago that I’d seen them, I’d forgotten some of the awesomely funny lines that the show had. Anyways that’s it, have a happy new year, and here’s to hoping the weather holds out tomorrow night!

Be Ugly ‘07

In 2007 ‘UGLY can be beautiful’ according to the Be Ugly campaign which of course features good ole’ Betty in her awesomely [ugly] outfits. But on my quoted bit, I find it kind of funny, because of the ‘can’…. if ugly *can* be beautiful, doesn’t that mean that ugly can mean ugly?

Either way… be ugly, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year enjoy the silly season whilst it lasts…

E is for Entertainment…

American TV season has started up again and I’m in TV and music heaven as they kind of somewhat go together. Now you’ve probably all heard me rave about Snow Patrol for ages… but as of late they’ve sold out… Not that selling out is a bad thing, but the use is really somewhat getting out of hand. Still I reckon it is somewhat awesome to hear them on big hit tv shows, considering they were previously somewhat nobodies… Just in the last 2 weeks they’ve been played on both Grey’s (again for the 3rd time!) and Jericho….

Speaking of Jericho, after I watched the first episode I mentioned to a mate it was a lot like Lost, and woah behold I read this article that that’s what others have been saying… it’s Lost without the island and plane crash really. Oh and Ugly Betty turns out I’m also not the only one who reckons it’s like The Devil Wears Prada… We’ll see if those two shows survive it past their first season….

Other than that…. apparently the Big Day Out line up comes out this Wednesday???…..

Google: Behind The Edge

Just watched this doco on Google on SBS. Was pretty interesting, as it also brought up a few interesting topics regarding privacy and the storage of personal information by google. I’m still sitting on the fence on that one, as I believe that to some extent we do have a bit of power in our choice of whether or not we use the tools/features provided by Google.

Watching this doco, brought me back to the (good?) old days. It had this montage of search engines etc from ages ago. Any pre-Googlers remember the days of AltaVista. Not to mention Dogpile, MetaCrawler etc…. ahhh the nostalgic memories… (well not quite)…

Either way, I’m still all for vouching that ‘Google is your friend…’

Veronica Mars

So Veronica Mars has started up again, but seriously, the timeslot is shit… Friday night at 9.30pm, if Channel 10 want ratings I can’t exactly see it happening… either way… I’m blogging about it, because the theme song is We Used To Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols… anyways in the intro before the opening titles for tonight’s episode, it was awesome because Veronica was talking about a friend… and she goes “we used to be friends… a long time ago”, then it cuts to the titles and if you know the song (or show) it goes “a long time ago, we used to be friends”…. good scripting writing there….

anyway that was an aimless post from me… but yeh that show is another one which plays good music…….


For a while I’ve wanted to watch the earlier seasons (1 – 3) of 24. Yeh I know each season is basically the same – bad people try to ruin America, Jack Bauer has to save the day, but for some reason I like it. Anyways the other week I got my hands on the Season 1 set, and I’ve just sat through 3 episodes in a row… It’s interesting watching Season 1 having jumped on the bandwagon Season 4, everything seems so different. At least I can get the backstory now, on the whole Bauer/wife/daughter deal.

17 Seconds

Okay like how good was that episode of Grey’s?!? Not to mention there’s the two hour season finale tomorrow night! Looking at the ABC schedule, there showing this ep again plus the next lot back to back – 3 hours of Grey’s?!?

But seriously it looks like it’s going to be a good end to the season…. crazy Izzie was somewhat predictable, but ***** getting shot? That was out of nowhere…. and it looks like we’re going to be in for a showdown with the triangle… oops quadrilateral or whatever sided shape it is up too these days.

ETA: another reason why this ep was good – they played Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking by Snow Patrol

The Amazing Race

So i watched T.A.R. last night, and the hippies are so funny. They remind me of the movie Dude Where’s My Car? for some reason. Best line last night was from Tyler when carrying the swordfish:

It actually feels good after awhile. Like an ice pack….

that made me laugh big time for some reason.

Music nostalgia

There’s currently a few ads on tv using the New Radicals song You Get What You Give as the backing track/music. That got me reminiscing about songs from the mid to late 90’s that were hits or somehow struck a chord with me… and so in my late night ramblings, here’s a listing of some songs in no particular order

  • Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta
  • Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life
  • The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get
  • Oasis – Wonderwall
  • The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
  • Travis – Why Does It Always Rain On Me
  • The Mavis’s – Cry
  • The Living End – Prisoner of Society
  • Ben Folds Five – Brick
  • Eskimoe Joe – Sweater
  • Rhubarb – Exerciser
  • Happyland – Hello
  • Spiderbait – Calypso
  • Manic Street Preachers – If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next
  • Fuel – Shimmer