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Am in Pushkar now. Nice quiet town, touristy where I am hanging at the moment. Is cool, there’s little bonfires in the street and we’ve got cane chairs up around the fires just hanging. The bus ride here was funny as because me and some of the others were sitting on the back seat, and everytime there was a speed hump the driver didn’t slow down so we literally went flying. The last bump on the way here was massive and Emma (one of the other girls on the trip), went flying forward, with her MP3 player shooting off down the aisle, and not fairing that well after its little trip either.

Oh yesterday we were in this small village town, and because it was a ‘homestay’ we were imagining a primative environment. How wrong we were. The best place we’ve stayed at so far! Marble floored bathroom, reliable hotwater… and there was a swimming pool.

Anyways I’ve got about 16 days left of my trip. Most of the others are going on to other parts of India / the world. But me it’s slowly on my journey back home (via Singapore of course).


Well the rest of yesterday went and checked out the City Palace Museum. Then in the afternoon went with Mel whilst she got her palm read. It was an interesting experience nonetheless. Then after that had an early dinner and bummed on a roof top cafe reading and watching the sun set. It was a super early night for me yesterday I fell asleep at 8 something woke up read for a bit then fell back asleep again.

Today went on a road trip about 2 hours out of Udaipur to see a Jain Temple. It was made out of marble with intricate carvings everywhere. On the way back got stuck in traffic as they were doing some mine blasting along the route.

Tomorrow it’s another roadtrip to some small village town. Have to charge up my MP3 player for the road trip.


In Udaipur now. It’s a nice change from Jodhpur. It’ nice and quiet with not too much smog. An the view of the lake obviously helps. The power has just flicked out here, and this computer is running on UPS power, so i should post this before the backup power dies completely.


Having really bad luck with the Internet today. Every computer I’ve tried has either been really slow or has network issues. So I’ll be lucky if this even posts.

Caught the overnight train from Delhi to Jaisalmer yesterday. It was 19 hours estimated, but due to more stoppages than normal it was more like 20+. Arrived in Jaisalmer around 2pm today. Jaisalmer is brillant. It’s a magnificant old city with a huge Fort, and we’re staying within the Fort. It’s a very old city, with cobble streets, cows, and it’s a maze just to navigate within it.

Till laters,


So Im posting more often that I expected to. Got into New Delhi around 7:30pm (New Delhi time) last night. Caught a taxi to Hotel Good Palace. Except it’s in a very obscure place, so it involved driving around for ages trying to find it and asking people for directions. The first thing that I noticed about Delhi was the smell that smells like petrol / burning rubber. Its really noticable mid morning onwards into the night. But early morning you cant smell it. Must be all the generators or something. I dont find it all that too different from Bangkok. Well I suppose its more like the areas of Bangkok on the train lines, but same thing to me. Finding food to eat is tricky, if you don’t know whats safe, so I actually haen’t eaten all tha much. Maccas is cool here cos they serve a different menu. I had a Vegie Suprise burger. Yes I ate at Maccas – at least I have a faint idea of what thw food is, and I’m hoping it was safe to eat.

This morning went on a little sight seeing. Being Asia, Im sure I got ripped of along the way but I bargined it down anyway so its better than not. Tomorrow evening will be leaving for Jaisalmer which is I think on the edge of the Thar Desert.

Now for a bit of random tech talk. Im typing this on a Wndows 98 machine with only 48MB of RAM! But hey it surfs the net and types so I can’t complain.

Anyways have to go and buy a couple of litres of water now. Not safe to drink or even brush your teeth with tap water here.