Hmm I’ve been posting more than once a day recently. I really should set the code up, so that posts are under a day heading with the time for each sub post (if that made any sense). I’ve gotten into my exercise routine. Saturday and Sunday I walked/jogged and today I rode my bike. I’ve decided though I’ll alternate between walking/jogging and bike riding, so tomorrow morning is walking/jogging day. Speaking of which I’ve got to clean my proper running shoes… I think they’re collecting dust somewhere… will have to give them a good hose and scrub then leave them in the sun, so it better not rain tomorrow. Tomorrow however, is when I’m going to start driving again. I shoudl apply my determination to my driving attempts as well. If I’ve been able to tell myself to study/work hard all year, and get up early to exercise because I really want to, then seeing as I really do want my licence, I should make an effort there too rather then procrastinating over when I’m going to get around to learning. Hmm that was one long winded sentence. But yeah thats for now…

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