I went to the city yesterday and bought a cd – so, long astoria by The Ataris. I like their music and their songs… until you listen properly and read the lyrics even, it just seems like your usual punk rock song…. but really theres alot more meaning to it… deep meaning. Just like their previous album End Is Forever…
Decided on the laptop I’m getting the Compaq 800v. Yeah It’s processor is only 1.8Ghz and there up to like 2.2 or something for mobile P4s, but its good value, and I highly doubt I’m going to see the difference. I have a P3 800Mhz PC now and it kicks arse my brothers P4 2Ghz big time – only ‘cos I’ve looked after this heaps good. So yeah I should be getting the lappie round end June…. sweet as….

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