Today woke up, kinda sunny, contemplates going over to Clovelly, but wasn’t 100% sure of the weather so ditched that idea. Then spent a while contemplating over whether to go swim or not, and whether to go to Homebush or Ryde. Decided on Ryde. From 8am – 9am there was only supposed to be 1 lane available in the Competition Pool (i think, if I understand the table right) but there was 3, and thank god the pool was in normal mode and not 25 metre mode. Anyways, so I swam… and omg I swam 16 laps… okay so it’s not much for some, but considering I haven’t exactly exercises properly in ages and haven’t swum properly in ages either, it was kind of a feat for me. That’s 800 metres. I think I could’ve swum the extra 4 for the 1 KM, but then I probably would’ve really been reduced to jelly! Anyways that’s my news for the day…

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