Hmm well I’ve actually had a pretty good week. Work has been good, and I’ve learnt bits and pieces here and there which is cool, ‘cos its different and yeah. Yesterday I met up wil Sal for the last time (for the timebeing), as she went back to Coffs today. Hopefully I’ll catch up with her in the not too distant future. Maybe a trek up north for me? Who knows what the future holds…

Have I mentioned how much I love shorts? Long knee length shorts are nice… don’t stick to you so its not all yuck when the weather is hot. I’ve lived the last 2 weeks in shorts… ahhh benefits of wear I work… can go in whatever clothes I want… pity the day I have to get a really job really, as it will be a very big change for me. Have thought about the future much recently… other more interesting things happening at the moment. Maybe I’ll start seriously thinking around June – July?

Anyways I’m off on Sunday afternoon, so I’ll probably do a quick post before I go. How long do you reckon a digital camera battery lasts??? Stupid that you can’t recharge it on ship… grrr

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