In a nutshell… My name’s Deline Neo. I live in Sydney and am a Software Engineer. Java and Objective-C are my poison with occasional smatterings in other areas/languages as needed. I’ve pretty much worked in technology related jobs all my life… oh except if you count my first job ever which as as the paper boy (or in my sense girl).

For the longer breakdown feel free to keep reading… 😀

I have vague memories of first using a computer. I remember the green screen and DOS, but most of all I remember Hugo’s House of Horrors. I also remember a few years later getting the first family computer, a 486. That was the computer that I learned to code on.

In the early days I dabbled with HTML and web developed/designed whilst trying to learn how to program in JavaScript. Somehow along the way my high school computing teachers got wind of this and to this I am grateful for. I learnt a lot those 2 – 3 years both myself and from them that sometimes I’m still amazed at the amount achieved in those few years.

I went on to graduate from the University of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and started my professional career as a technology graduate at a multinational insurance company. Whilst on the grad program I decided development was my calling and cue my life as a software developer. These days I’m working as a Software Engineer/Team Lead at a financial institution specialising in acquiring.

Some of my other interests include keeping active, watching TV series and travelling. It’d be a dream to visit all 58 US National Parks. 11 down, there’s only 47 more to go!