You wouldn’t believe what just happened… my computer had a f#@%en virus. Well thats what it must have been. Basically I started up my comp, and it froze/crashed whenever WinDOZE loaded. Then next try it loaded, only that Notepad.EXE was missing (I love Notepad). So I rebooted, and I got the dreaded message, can’t find Win.COM. Checked out the Windows directory using DOS, and sure as hell half the Windows files were missing, which explained why I couldnt’ start up!. So seeing my computer was more or less rooted and I didn’t have a virus scanner, I formatted it. Thank god for Linux though, as I booted up in that to copy work of C to my D drive. But at least now my HDD is nice and clean like it should be. My stupid bro screwed it up, with stupid bots and god knows what else. My poor computer…

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