Money doesn’t grow on freaking trees and I wish my brother would just grow up and realise that! If money grew on freaking trees we’d all be living in them 24-7. I swear I could have ??? him! He’s so argh.. just because he works now he suddenly has money, so you know, ‘lend me some money and I’ll pay you back’. Then he runs arround like a immature idiot saying hes not going to pay you back or taunting you with crap! Talk about being bloody ungrateful. And the freaking part is he already hates his job and he’s only worked 2 days. And the only reason he’s keeping it is till he gets enough money (straight from his mouth)! Enough money for what? That boy has not a single cent in his bank ‘cos he spends everything! And I’m the last person he should EVER come to about his money problems. I have worked since Year 9, waking up every Sunday at freaking 6am, to sell newspapers. And I have deserved every f#*$en cent. I’ve had to pay for practically everything even 25% of my computer which was $750 and took me two years to earn whilst he sits there being freaking spoon fed!