Been playing the piano a bit recently. It’s something different, and it sorta lets me get away from this world. I haven’t really played it seriously since like Year 9/10. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is pretty good, its the piece I’m working on right now. Though after it all, I’ll probably end up with RSI in my left hand cos i have to strecth my fingers a whole octave! It’s weird, these last few days I’ve been listening to songs from around 4 years ago. Been listening to Ben Folds Five and Semisonic. Yeah it’s slighty different to the usual style, but they have melodic tunes, which help you escape from the world. And you’ve just gotta love Brick by Ben Folds Five… It’s six am, day after Christmas, throw some clothes on in the dark, the smell of cold… The piano in Brick is just freaking good!