My crappy life so far:

  1. I slept in the freaking rumpus room last night because my brother got shitty I wanted to sleep at 10.30pm. For a start it’s my freaking room, and it’s not my fault I’m tired because I’ve been doing my school work!
  2. My mum agreed with my brother to the above, and yet again I get told to shut up/be quiet by my mum and my brother. Last time I got yelled at because I was doing my homework! and because I was depriving my brother of his chance to play games on the computer. Now excuse me if I’m wrong, but games verses Year 12 HSC assessments?!? Oh well, we’ll just let the games take priority, and I’ll just wait and get yelled at because I get shitty marks
  3. I’m always the only one around when someone decides to have a yell, so it get’s all directed at me, yet when I’m feeling shitty or need to have a yell I’m the one who gets told to Quit my @#$&^%$, or Shut up.
  4. The only thing my mother ever talks to me about is my brother and his oh so wonderful soccer team in which hes such a ‘fast runner’.
  5. Whenever I finalyl get into doing something, like doing my homework or assessments.. someone has to come an interrupt me. Then when I finally get back someone interrupts me again! And so the cycle continues
  6. I’m everyone’s freaking ragdoll to trash when they feel like it (how I see it, so probably a bit twisted as such)