Had the IPT test today. It was b-a-d! Make that B-A-D. Well it was okay, minus two questions, the first multiple choice, and the question on the medical student searching the web. The latter probably more worse, as it could be read two ways (ambiguity). Either being read on how search engines and directories index data, or how they search their databases for info. I read the latter, though I think the question was meant to get a response more like the former. Oh well, it was ambigious, cos if was really bout indexing, it should’ve been more like, ‘how do search engines create their listing of websites?’ rather than scenario of student searching for data then asking how to the tools work [my theory anyway 🙂 ]. Anyway hopefully I’ll get an okay mark. I spent a whole week of the summer holidays learning about search engines and how they work and index websites. I even started writing my own spider in VBScript, got up to the indexer then school caught up. Oh well now time to wait and see….hehe….shouldn’t think so much, but introverts keep to themselves and think to much. We’re our own worse enemy really.