I feel really weird, you know how you feel at ease, yet you still somehow feel stressed. I’ve got assessments due soon, especially the English feature article, but whilst I’ve done a fair bit which is making me at ease, I still feel stressed because I need another 200 or so words, and also because I’m scared it will suck. We’ll everyone has fears, and I’m just not very good at expressing my thoughts. Though it does seem weird that I’m semi expressing them here, but that’s because the computer is no-one. It’s has no feelings, and even if it did, I don’t know that so it doesn’t matter. Sorta just like the object to take your problems out on I guess, it doesn’t disagree, it doesn’t argue back. It just sits humming away. By the end of next week I will have had enough of dramatic irony, cliches and all these exotic words I have no idea how to spell or say for that matter. I never was a art/literature person, but one to the sciences. I guess that explains everything… the lack of spelling skills, structured sentences and appropriate grammer. Spell check and Shift + F7 is all I need, well for the moment only. And what is the ‘essence of existence’? Hamlet and Ros and Guil, is probably like the only stuff in English which I’ve actually liked, only ‘cos it relates so much to how I have been feeling of recently. Sort of like inner torture I guess, though torture is the wrong word, maybe more like turmoil. Thoughts that spin and churn around in you, leaving you mroe confused than ever before.