Yay, I got another assessment yesterday (NOT!) It’s due in three weeks, and at the same time I’m supposed to be studying for my trials, as well as working on my science, software and ipt assessments too. But it’s ITV, so I think I might just bludge it, because it’s ITV. That aside, I’ve come to the assumption that all computer geeks/overusers whatever we call ourselves have some form of lack of social skills i.e. social instability. And as much as some may disagree, at this moment I believe it 100% more or less. It explains everything, being antisocial (as it may seem), reclusive, seclusive, locked away inside my own little world, which I liken to my shell. And it may seem weird that I’m typing my thoughts here for all to see, but I’m not talking to a physical person, so it doesn’t matter, because AFAIC this is just a computer, and people who read this are more than likely to form under the computer geek status, so they would understand what I am going on about. I’ve only ever talked to two people about this and only one was face-to-face, the other over the net. And talking face-to-face was good but weird in a sense because of who I was talking to. It’s not like I don’t want to talk to them, I feel fairly comfortable talking to them, but I feel like I’m imposing in a way, because I owe a lot to this person.