Hey I haven’t written here in like a week, but it’s been semi crazy. I’ve got trials starting in a week and 3 days and it’s pretty freaky. I have so got to revise over Maths and English and Earth and Environmental Science. I made my pact not to study for ITV, I guess we’ll just have to wait a while to see. Anyway today I talked about my sci assignment, and realised I have got a lot to do! On top of that there is the ITV assignment due next week, the SDD major and the IPT project. At least the IPT one’s almost done, just got doco’s to write up. Same goes for SDD, but the SDD doco’s are gonna be so long. My techy manual is almost 100 pages, well 90 to be exact and still increasing. And there’s still the User Manual, Installation Manual, Trouble Shooting Guide and Quick Reference Guide to go. Hey I reckon lots of us will end up running out our printing money. Anyone who does IPT has been printing like crazy these last few days. So much for ‘saving the trees’ I say… though that’s a bit of an understatement seeing I print heaps too. I shoudl be going to bed soon, it’s getting late, and I’m supposed to be @ school round 7.45am tomorrow, even though I don’t have a period 0.