Trials starting in 4 days only! That is really really scary, this year has like practically flown by before my own eyes. In a term or so we’ll be out of school. Anyways lets take a step back to yesterday. Well yesterday I got my English assessment back. I got 10/15 and that was after losing 2 marks! So I really got 12/15 only that they docked me 2 because I went over the word limit! That moved me from 80% to 66%. Still its a B- which is the best I’ve got all year and a major imporvement from the last where I got a D+, so I guess I’m pretty happy. Though at least deep down inside I know I got a 12. Anyways today we had the SDD lecture day thingo. It was pretty okay, just revision and stuff, catch up with some friends and stuff. Tomorrow I have the EES one. Dunno how I’m going to get to that one though, ‘cos I’m meeting ppl first. Today I caught the bus to Town Hall, then the train to Redfern to meet some ppls. Anyway I have to go finish my assignment then move on to studying for my trials……

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