I haven’t written here in ages!!! Hmm, well it’s Monday and it’s the holidays, and I really should be doing my assignments, but I have homework block today. So I took to redesigning my site. I don’t know which was better this or the old, but grey looks cool, so this will just have to stay. And for the first time in my life I’ve designed for 1024 x 768 and above only! That’s really bad actually, sorry all you 800 x 600-ers but this is staying this way, so resize your resolution 🙂

Anyway trials are over now… and we should all be relaxing, but thats a bit hard hey with three huge percentage assessments to complete. So anyway yesterday – when i was supposed to be doing my EES work!!! – I went shopping, and got some jeans….so now I guess i can hack the semi hacked up ones up. And they have this pink bit on it.(shocking!) but they’ll be okay….I have to break for some lunch or breakfast…….or a combo of both….