I got my Maths and EES trial back today. Maths was really good, and I’m pretty happy with my mark. I guess you do get whatever you put in, and the weeks of study sure did pay off. I got 97/120 which was the second higest in 2U. It’s only around 80% but it’s heaps good because in the second 3U Maths class, the highest was only 99/120 (which was 2U’s highest as well). So yeah I’m pretty cool with it. And.. on top of that, out of all the people doing 2U, 3U and 4U I came 12/51 which was heaps better than I thought. In 2U I came 2nd. It’s a mega improvement on what I got in the first 2U assessment last year, where I was like around the 3/4 mark.

But… in science I only got 40/65. It’s okay I guess because the highest was only 46, but I still would’ve liked to do better. Oh well…maths was good enough.