Hmm, I’ve got all my marks back for SDD, IPT, ITV now. They’re okay, IPT is pretty good. Would’ve liked to do better in all 3, but I’m pretty cool with what I got. Where I lost all marks in all three was where I expected to anyway, so it wasn’t too much of a shock. At least I know the areas I need to improve on…well I’ve started reading this book.

Totally of the topic of school, I’ve really gotta out some sort of thing like a disclaimer before people come view my blog, because this is my place to rant and rave..and one day I might write something which may offend people, so I better do it. Sorta along the lines of ‘This is my own little space to rant and rave, stuff I say here is what’s in my mind at the time, so don’t take it personally. If you don’t like it, you can click a link and surf on away..’ Hmm…. I wonder if that’s too rude? That then brings up the whole question of why I’m writing here then. Maybe because it’s something different, anyway it’s a blog…people are meant to read it. But my inner deepest thoughts won’t go here because that’s just going to far. Gotta draw the line..somewhere I s’pose. Bleh… I think to much and it’s annoying….