Ten to eight…. I’m bored my eyes are s-l-e-e-p-y but I’m not sleepy yet…. hey and this is the first time I’ve ever posted twice in 2 days. Actually I just turned to my right and remembered the Maths trial I was previosuly doing. Weird how I can like and dislike maths at the same time… well some stuff is cool like calc and trig functions/ratios…. but graphics and triangles are a sure recipe for disaster in my books. Well tomorrow is the 1st of September which to my calculations would equate to about 26 days left till the end of school. That’s the END of school… as in no more school. Now I’m gonna stop musing over this pile pf maths and get back to it… some say why I do so much maths… eh, well it’s pretty self explantory… I could be good at maths, but during late year 9 and the whole of year 10 i didn’t put as much effort in (me was in advanced 1), cos that was when I was getting into computers… so some of my brain cells must’ve died… cos I was doing so crappy last yr… so now I do lots of maths… to hopefully jog my memory back. Plus its good revision, and if you want something badly… it doesn’t just drop out of the sky….. put in effort and you’ll hopefully get what you deserve… thats IMHO though.